Thursday 27th Jun 2019

Junior Debating Competition




This half term, we have been running our Junior Debating competition; all the debaters from the debating active took part in the final of the competition.

In the first round of the final, our topics were: ‘This house would ban animal testing’ and ‘this house would lower the voting age to 16’. The winners of these debates, Gabriel and Hanniyah, and Priya and Sienna, then faced each other in the final, debating ‘this house believes that exams are detrimental to education’. Priya and Sienna successfully opposed this motion to argue that exams do have a place in education, even if they are not a pleasant experience!

The debates were expertly judged by senior debaters Andre and Talia, who gave up their time willingly and gave invaluable feedback to the speakers. Well done to all who took part, many of whom had not debated before this half term!