Tuesday 28th May 2019

Junior Music Scholars’ Recital




The Hertford Centre became, for the first time, a concert venue for the Junior Music Scholars’ Recital. This is one of my favourite concerts in the annual cycle: a chance for our youngest musicians to consolidate what they have learnt over the last two terms, and an opportunity for us, the audience, to appreciate their talents and look to the exciting future ahead.

And there were some hugely exciting performances. Oscar (03/Year 8) gave a mature, well-crafted rendition of the Minuets from Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 in G major, and, similarly, Oliver’s (03/Year 8) Black Eyes (a Traditional Russian folk song rather than an unfortunate cricket injury) was beautifully shaped. Several pianists came to the fore, and it was especially good to hear Leo’s (LE/Year 9) rendition of the jazz standard Tenderly (Walter Gross), complete with impressive improvisation.

As well as the admirable solo performances, there was a duet and two ensembles. The concert opened with the majority of the Scholars singing Bob Chilcott’s arrangement of Greensleeves, with Cherrie (LE, Year 9) providing sensitive piano accompaniment. Jiwon (02, Year 7) and Oscar’s cello duet, playing Theme & Variations on ‘Voi che sepete’ by Mozart – was most enjoyable, as was the Junior String Quartet’s Mozart (C major, K157), concluding a very agreeable evening of music-making.

Mr A. Hodgkinson