Thursday 24th Aug 2023

Students and staff are celebrating a good set of (I)GCSE results




Students and staff are celebrating a good set of (I)GCSE results, representing plenty of personal success stories in this year’s cohort. The GE (Year 11) students should be immensely proud of themselves and the tenacity shown as many of their achievements were against a backdrop of some significant adversity.

The Head Teacher, Simon Reid comments “These are superb results and should be the basis for a real sense of achievement and pride. Of course, there are many facets of success at school that have nothing to do with what happens in a classroom, but today is about academic measurement and Christ’s Hospital’s students have created the strongest possible foundations for their A level years. My congratulations to them all. ”

Almost 60% of the grades were at Level 7 or above with 14% being at the highest grade of Level 9 and 35% at Level 8 or higher. Despite the difficulties encountered by some of the students there was a 96.0% pass rate (Level 4 to 9).

Within these there were some great individual performances at the very top end. Out of the cohort of 136 students, 22 students achieved 10 or more grades at Level 7 or above, equivalent to 16%. Sixteen students (12%) achieved at least 9 grades at Level 8 or higher. One student achieved 12 straight Level 9 grades, another gained 11 straight Level 9 grades. Five students achieved a minimum of 10 Level 9 grades.

We wish the cohort all the very best for their future Sixth Form studies.