Monday 10th Jun 2019

Visit to Oxford University




Some of Christ’s Hospital’s most talented singers visited Oxford yesterday to find out about life as a choral scholar. The group of DG/Year 12 pupils visited The Queen’s College, where they met Sarah, a current second year choral scholar. Sarah gave the pupils a tour of the College, and they were able to ask questions about life at the university: everything from singing opportunities to breakfast arrangements!

The group then moved to Merton College where they watched the choir rehearsing for the evening service. After tea in Merton College Hall (by kind invitation of the College’s Director of Music, Benjamin Nicholas) came Corporate Communion for Pentecost, which included Langlais’ thrilling Messe Solennelle and the evergreen Loquebantur of Tallis. It was a great experience, and an exciting taster of what life is like as a university choral scholar.