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Thursday 12 August 2021

(I)GCSE Results

Pupils and staff are celebrating a tremendous set of (I)GCSE results after a turbulent couple of years in preparation. The tenacity and resilience in the face of adversity demonstrated by this talented cohort cannot be underestimated given the global situation. There are plenty of personal success stories contained within these results not simply those pupils with the very best results.

The Head Teacher, Simon Reid, comments “Pupils at Christ’s Hospital should be very proud of all they have achieved in what for many has been a profoundly challenging lead up to these assessments. The care, dedication and support offered by staff throughout the preparation and assessment process has provided a solid platform from which these pupils have, in many respects, excelled whether that be with an individual challenge or across the board.”

An outstanding 46% of all the grades awarded were at Level 8 or 9 (equivalent to an A*) and 70% of all grades awarded at a Level 7 or above. Out of all the Level 8-9 grades, 22 % of grades were awarded at the top grade of a Level 9. There was a 98.9% pass rate (Level 4-9). Out of the cohort of 122, 39 pupils achieved 10 or more grades at Level 7 or above with 31 pupils achieving at least 8 grades at Level 8 or higher. Within these there were some great individual performances and at the very top end:

William Rodgers, 11 Level 9 grades

Ella Murton, 10 Level 9 grades

Eseqiel Appafram, 10 Level 9 grades

Lila Porter, 9 Level 9 grades and an A* grade

Reuben Vaughan-Turner, 9 Level 9 grades, 1 Level 8 grade

Nathanael Brown, 8 Level 9 grades, 1 Level 8 grade and an A* grade

Maggie (Xuyi) Wang, 8 Level 9 grades, 3 Level 8 grades

Toluwani (Sarah) Agbedu, 8 Level 9 grades, 2 Level 8 grades

Alicia Beadle, 7 Level 9 grades, 3 Level 8 grades

Amelia Hobart, 7 Level 9 grades, 3 Level 8 grades

Sebastian Rosen, 7 Level 9 grades, 3 Level 8 grades and 1 Level 7 grade

Jimmy (Che Min) Hue, 7 Level 9 grades, 2 Level 8 grades and 1 Level 7 grade

Christina Middlemas, 6 Level 9 grades, 3 Level 8 grades and 1 Level 7 grade

Hugo Penrose, 6 Level 9 grades, 3 Level 8 grades and 1 A grade


Tuesday 8 August 2021

A Level & Pre-U Results

Following on from what has been another profoundly challenging year, Christ’s Hospital is celebrating the real success within its talented cohort of A Level/Pre-U pupils. The tenacity and resilience shown by all pupils in the wake of the COVID restrictions, periods of remote learning, and cancellation of public exams has been heart-warming, and all pupils should be rightly proud of their accomplishments.After a robust period of assessment to generate the evidence required for the Teacher Assessed Grades, almost 30% of all Pre-U and A Level grades achieved were equivalent to an A* with 62% of all grades awarded being an A or A* grade. The average UCAS points achieved by the cohort was 143, which is only 1 point short of an average attainment of AAA.  Out of a cohort of 118 pupils, 228 of the 373 grades awarded were at A grade or higher and three pupils achieved the coveted D1 grade. Congratulations should go to Maisie Howard (D1, Mandarin), Theodore Murton (D1, Mandarin) and Mutsuki Seki (D1, Music).  A huge proportion, 40% (51 pupils out of the cohort of 118), achieved a minimum of one A* grade and more than 50 pupils achieved overall grades equivalent to AAA or higher.

These results represent some fantastic individual challenges that have been overcome alongside some notable achievements. The following pupils should be noted as having gained a string of the very top grades:

Hong Wong A*, A, A, D3, B (Architecture, Bath)

Yui Fujomori A*, A*, A*, A* (Computer Science and Economics, St Andrews)

Ben Hobart A*, A*, A*, A* (Economics and Management, Oxford)

Otto Jakubowski A*, A*, A*, A* (Philosophy and Mathematics, Edinburgh)

Chun (Adams) Lau A*, A*, A*, A* (Medicine, Malta)

Giselle Liu A*, A*, A*, A* (Natural Sciences, UCL)

Theodore Murton D1, A*, A*, A* (Gap Year)

Mutsuki Seki D1, A*, A*, A* (Music, Cambridge)

Dan Yamamoto A*, A*, A*, A* (Biochemistry, Imperial)

Junlin (Rock) Du A*, A*, A*, A (Physics, UCL)

Jessica Hurley A*, A*, A*, A (English Language and Literature, Oxford)

Laura Johnstone A*, A*, A*, A (Chemistry, Bristol)

Alberto Verdu Canadas A*, A*, A, A (French and Economics, Warwick)

Oluwatomisin Magbagbeola A*, A, A, D3 (Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Manchester)

Jinhuang (John) Chen A*, A*, A* (Physics, UCL)

Yiduo (Monica) Chen A*, A*, A* (Mathematics with Management & Finance, KCL)

Sophie Lambert A*, A*, A* (Medicine, Exeter)

Jemima Nicklin A*, A*, A* (Film and Television, Bristol)

Lucy North A*, A*, A* (Modern Languages, Exeter)

Yuxin Ye A*, A*, A* (Economics, Warwick)

Simon Reid, Head Teacher of Christ’s Hospital commented, “Again in 2021, I am as pleased for pupils whose B, C or D-grades are their A*s – the sorts of people whose maturity, honesty and resilience has brought them to the peak of their achievements – as I am of others who have gained ‘top’ grades. In the punishing conditions of 2021 assessments, it is right that our pupils, up and down the land, are rewarded exceptionally. These grades are a fair reflection of what pupils achieve when the assessment method is different. Well done to them all.”

All six of our current pupils holding offers from Oxbridge achieved their required grades and one Old Blue has gained the requisite grades for Oxbridge entry. A further three pupils securing places to study medicine. Out of the cohort, 80% of the offers our pupils accepted were from “higher tariff” universities. This means many of our pupils will be taking up places with prominent universities including Manchester, Kings College London, Exeter, Bristol, Loughborough, Warwick and University College London.

Out of the 117 pupils who chose to make an application through UCAS this year, 80% were able to take up either their first choice or insurance offer.

Tuesday 6 July 2021

IB Results

After an unsettling year of change in response to the pandemic, Christ’s Hospital IB pupils followed the non-examinable route for qualification and achieved a phenomenal set of results, the strongest of any previous Christ’s Hospital IB cohorts.

Although a small group of 13 talented pupils, nothing can be taken away from the cohort’s average points score of 40.3 out of 45. This is equivalent to 248 UCAS points or A*, A*, A*, B, B at A2-Level. 49% of all the grades awarded were top Level 7 and 83% of them were Level 6 or 7. 7 pupils achieved 40+ points and almost all the pupils achieved 36 points or higher.

Head Teacher, Mr Simon Reid, commented, “This is a remarkable set of results, and it captures the achievements of a particularly talented and engaged set of individuals, including the Senior Grecian, Amber Dansoh. Despite the challenges encountered over the last two years, all IB pupils should rightly be proud of this strong and well-deserved set of results. They are testament to the pupils’ acumen, resilience, and fortitude as they embraced all that they were offered by the IB and Christ’s Hospital. We wish them all the very best for the future.”

Many in the cohort distinguished themselves by achieving places for highly competitive courses at some of the very best institutions. Although huge congratulations should go to all the pupils, there are some notable individual achievements including the following:

Charlotte Ogden-Meade, 44 points (Anthropology, Durham)

Manon Howard, 44 points (Comparative Literature, UCL)

Cameron Smith, 42 points (Maths and Physics, Warwick)

Charis Leto, 42 points (Italian with Film Studies, UCL)

James de Savigny, 42 points (Language and Culture, UCL)

Amber Dansoh, 41 points (Classical Archaeology and Ancient History, Oxford)

Freddie Northcott, 41 points (International Relations, Exeter)