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Head Teacher’s Welcome

June 2021

We were delighted to have had the majority of our pupils back with us for the Summer term.

To reduce risk and ensure that the distinctive features of the final term of a Christ’s Hospital academic year, ran as smoothly as possible, we had in place a number of adjustments to the way in which we operate.  Driving all activity was the need to keep pupils, staff and their families safe.

Over the last 18 months, I have been enormously impressed and touched by the support the School has received from CH pupils, parents, staff and former pupils.  Everyone has faced the unprecedented circumstances with patience and, needless to say, this will have to continue.

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Head Teacher’s Welcome

My vision for Christ’s Hospital is for it to continue to challenge disadvantage through transformative education.

Challenge: a word that has underpinned our approach for over 460 years.

Christ’s Hospital is widely known in the UK for its outstanding education principle and its diverse breadth of pupils. It is the mission of Christ’s Hospital to continue to enable those from all corners of society to come together and thrive regardless of their background.

A Christ’s Hospital pupil’s experience centres on building and strengthening attributes based on resilience, perseverance, compassion, willing service and empathy. These attributes form the pillar-strength principles of the Christ’s Hospital curriculum.

I want pupils to embrace challenge in all its forms. Pupils will feel what it is like to be challenged and, having been challenged, will themselves challenge intelligently, and that spirit is quickly realised from the moment the pupils first enter Christ’s Hospital. ‘To challenge’ is understood to be part of a creative, productive, and transformative process, which helps equip pupils to shape positively the societies they belong to long after they have left.

The journey our pupils make from the time they arrive to when they leave is often profoundly rewarding, and along the way we support their growing resilience and success as they move on to university and beyond. We delight in their achievements and welcome them back to inspire and encourage current pupils.

I look forward to welcoming you to our remarkable School.

Simon Reid, Head Teacher