Psychotherapy and Counselling

Psychotherapy and Counselling Service at Christ’s Hospital

The Psychotherapy and Counselling Service is based at the Medical Centre and led by Androula Pistolas, Psychotherapist and Designated Mental Health Lead.

The service has three therapists, one full-time and two part-time who, between them, offer a range of evidence-based therapies including psychotherapy, play therapy, counselling, trauma-focussed CBT and EMDR. The therapists are registered with their respective professional bodies: UK Council for PsychotherapyThe British Association for Counselling and PsychotherapyPlay Therapy UK. They are clinically supervised, engage in appropriate further training and work within their ethical codes.

When required to, the therapists work in partnership with GPs and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. Therapy is confidential unless there is a safeguarding matter. The limits of confidentiality are clearly explained to young people in their first therapy session.

When appropriate and with the consent of the young person, the therapist will work with house parents, teachers, matrons and nurses, for example, so that all are working to support the young person in a way that is congruent and joined-up.

Therapy sessions take place in comfortable rooms which have a non-public entrance/exit to allow for extra privacy if this is what the young person would like.

Mental health education is an important part of the Christ’s Hospital whole school approach to nurturing healthy young minds, so the therapy team provide a range of training:

  • Mental Health First Aid courses for staff and young people.
  • Reflective practise for colleagues from education, house staff and nurses, which focusses on the mental health and development needs of adolescents.
  • Psycho-educative tutorials teaching self-care skills for Grecians and Deputy Grecians.


Androula Pistolas
Psychotherapist, UK Council Psychotherapy
Designated Mental Health Lead

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