Christ’s Hospital and the Slave Trade

Christ’s Hospital and the trade in enslaved people

In recent years, Christ’s Hospital has begun to explore the history of those of our benefactors who derived wealth from the trade in enslaved people. We are deeply saddened by what we have learned, acknowledging the challenges such history presents for our school community, and have no wish to shy away from it.

Christ’s Hospital is one of the UK’s oldest boarding schools. Today we believe we are one of the most diverse independent schools in the country and recognise our responsibility to our students, past, present and future, to examine the School’s history with openness and honesty.

We recognise that some of those closely associated with our history, who committed funds to the school, participated in and benefited from the slave trade. Using our own archives and external resources, we will continue with research to increase and refine our understanding of the connection between the School, people who were enslaved in earlier centuries and individuals whose fortunes were made in this abhorrent trade. We will seek to engage with the school community, including our current students and alumni, as to how best to disseminate the research.

There are lessons for all in this history, a story that sheds light on an important facet of the impact of Britain’s past on young people today. To help meet our responsibility to current and future students, the School will shape its modern curriculum with openness and balance so that students are aware of the School’s past and are supported in understanding and responding to these difficult truths.

Simon Reid
Head Teacher
May 2023

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