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Careers and UCAS

Over 98% of pupils from Christ’s Hospital continue onto higher education, either immediately after the Grecian year or after a Gap year. In the last five years some of the most popular university destinations have been Cambridge University, Kings College London, UCL, Edinburgh and Sussex. In 2016 nine pupils gained places to study Medicine and Dentistry.

The university application process is managed by the Head of Sixth Form, and a team of specialist tutors. The UCAS process begins for the Deputy Grecians (Year 12 pupils) in the January of the Lent term with a launch event hosted by the Sixth Form and Careers Department. Parents and pupils are invited to attend a series of talks and discussions led by experts in the field.  This ranges from specialist in admissions to advisors on other 18 plus options including Higher Apprenticeship.

Advice and guidance is administered through the weekly tutorial system, alongside specialist presentations and workshops. Applicants for Medicine, Veterinary Science and Dentistry (and other vocational courses) attend weekly extensional classes. The Oxbridge group; launched in the January of the Deputy Grecian year; meets weekly and follows a structured preparation programme. Each department assists in providing one to one subject specific guidance to pupils seeking to read their subject at university.

The Careers Department run by Miss Helen-Claire Burt organises the COA Centigrade programme which all Deputy Grecians undertake in the Lent Term.  There are a whole range of careers events hosted throughout the year, including professional lunches and networking events which pupils are invited to attend. 

In the Summer Term the Deputy Grecians attend the Apply Day. This event focuses on the practicality of University applications; writing personal statements, creating a UCAS profile, relevant courses and institutions.  In 2017 we were delighted to welcome Mr Tim Miller (Careers Hub), Mr James Ringer (Deputy Recruitment Goldsmiths University) and Ms Adrienne Briggs (Unifrog – on Higher Apprenticeships).

When pupils return in the Michaelmas term as Grecians (Year 13), pupils and parents are invited to attend a presentation on the graduate market. At this point in the year the focus is on completing the UCAS cycle by November, pupils are encouraged to discuss their preferences with their tutors. This is also the point where departments point the main emphasis for preparation for admission tests and interviews. 70% of pupils last year received offers from their first choice of university.

Careers provision and skills are offered throughout the school, through PSHE and tutorials programmes. Year 10 pupils complete the COA Careers Brief in the Summer Term and receive their profile reports at the start of their GE year. Interviews from specialist teams are offered in October of the Michaelmas Term.  Specialist drop in sessions are run twice a week offering pupils an opportunity to receive personalised advice and guidance.

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