School Life

Meet the Monitors


Senior Grecian
As Senior Grecian, I am leading this year’s monitor team. Considering the recent events and potential issues that may arise this academic year, I believe the need for senior student support towards junior students is larger than ever before and as a result I will be focusing on bridging that gap. Furthermore, in cooperation with the Careers Department, I aim to be a helping hand to other students considering their future career paths via my role as Careers Liaison and look forward to connecting current students to the Old Blues Network.


Second Monitor
As Second Monitor this year, I will work with the Senior Grecian to represent and lead the pupil body. Being one of the TLS/SEAL Liaisons, I will help guide younger pupils through different aspects of their academic and emotional development. I am also a Junior School Liaison and I aim to support the juniors with their progress in the school by focusing on creating a stronger bond between juniors and seniors. Finally, as Sports Liaison, I would like to increase participation in various recreational and competitive activities across the school.


Development Link, Sport Liaison
My aim as Development Link is to strengthen the bond between pupils, both current ones and Old Blues, and the School. Liaising with the Development Office, I hope to meet with donors and all those involved who give their time and efforts to help improve our learning and social environment. In addition, my role as Sports Liaison will allow me to help improve the quality of sports offered at CH, whether competitive or for leisure. As a link between the pupil body and Sports Department, my aim is for everyone to achieve gratification through increased participation in activities throughout the school.


Day Pupil Liaison, Development Link
As day pupil liaison, and development link, connecting people is at the heart of my role here at CH. Using all my experience as a day pupil here, I will work to assist younger day pupils throughout the school in getting to grips with the busy lifestyle. As development link, I will liaise with the development office, working to improve connections between current pupils and Old Blues, allowing students here at CH to learn and benefit from their experience.


Student Entertainment, Deputy Grecians’ Liaison, Music & Theatre Liaison, Christmas Fair


Music & Theatre Liaison, Marketing Liaison, TLS/SEAL
As a monitor I work with the Marketing Team, music and theatre, and TLS/SEAL departments. My marketing role is to advocate the school’s wide variety of opportunities to upcoming pupils and parents. Within the school, I assist the music department and the theatre with their numerous performances and events and encourage the use of TLS and SEAL to benefit all pupils who need extra support.


Peer Mentor Liaison, Pupil Wellbeing, CHEDI
I’m aiming to improve the school’s inclusivity and pupil wellbeing through my Monitor roles this year. I hope our new partnership with Inclusion Labs will foster a more accepting and equitable school community, something I want to achieve through CHEDI initiatives, societies like the LGBTQ+ Group, and the new Inclusion Working Group. As liaison for the Pupil Wellbeing Committee, I aim to facilitate discussions that will create a more positive environment for all students. I also hope to increase younger students’ access to support by working closely with the Peer Mentors.


International Pupil Liaison, CHEDI
As international pupil liaison, I act as the link between staff and international pupils along the avenue, in order to ensure that internationals feel as at home as they can. This ties in nicely to my second role, which is CHEDI liaison. As one of the branch leaders of CHEDI I work together with the other branch leaders and the Inclusion working group to ensure that all pupils, no matter their identity, feel included and represented


Music & Theatre Liaison, Pupil Wellbeing, Grecians' Gift
This year in the Pupil Wellbeing Committee I aim to create a safe space in which everyone feels comfortable to voice their opinion, and I will be working with the Music and Drama departments to reopen the performances and concerts which are at the heart of the CH community. I am also excited to be giving back to the school by fundraising for this year’s Grecians’ Gift.


Deputy Grecians' Liaison, Grecians' Gift
My role as Deputy Grecians’ Liaison is to support new Deputy Grecians this year. Having been a new Deputy Grecian myself, I understand that there may be new challenges that arise in adjusting into the unique school environment. I therefore wish to continuously listen to and aid the new Deputy Grecians throughout the year. I am also looking forward to liaising with the Deputy Heads, Development team and other departments in school to organise and fundraise for this year’s Grecians’ Gift.


House Captains Liaison, CHEDI, Christmas Fair
I am the CHEDI and house captain liaison for this academic year. As a house captain last year I understand the important role they play in creating a positive environment throughout the school and aim to open up channels of communication between the SLT and monitors to the rest of the student body through the house captains. As a CHEDI liaison and leader of the Anti-Sexism group I aim to spread awareness and inspire change with our community particularly focusing on issues surrounding gender, sex and feminism in order to build a happier, healthier environment for us all.


Music & Theatre Liaison, Careers Liaison, Student Entertainment
This year, my role as ‘Music & Theatre Liaison’ is centred around ensuring a smooth reopening of the CH Theatre and live musical events post-pandemic. I hope to encourage more student uptake of both music and drama opportunities, as I personally believe that by getting involved in the wider curriculum at CH, new potentials are realised, and the CH experience is enhanced. As an ‘Entertainment Liaison’, I will be working closely with the team responsible for Saturday entertainment to plan and organise a range of new, interesting, but most of all enjoyable events. I will also be assisting the careers department as a ‘Careers Liaison’ in the organisation of networking events, and students’ engagement within these.


Sport Liaison, House Captains Liaison, Christmas Fair
’My roles this year are the Sport, House Captain and Christmas Fair liaison. The sports role involves working with the sports department to help improve the program at CH. In my role as house captain liaison I support the new house captains adapt to a new role of responsibility. Christmas fair entails organising the Christmas fair.


Environmental Liaison, School Council, Peer Mentors TLS/SEAL
My aim as this year's Environmental liaison is to help ensure our school is evolving as sustainably as possible by gathering green ideas and facilitating new initiatives in the Eco Rangers. I look forward to assisting in rebooting the Peer Mentor strategy, including restarting "Talk about it Tuesdays" with the Pupil Wellbeing Committee and the monitor team. The School Council team has been ensuring everyone is listened to; this year we want to encourage a larger Junior voice in the school and are already planning meetings to enable students to speak more on specialised topics which matter to them.


Food Liaison, Student Entertainment, Leavers' & Hoodies
As Food Liaison, I aim to improve the communication between the managerial team and students to ensure that we have enjoyable meals and creative, refreshing events whilst minimising waste. Being the Entertainment Monitor, I want to make Saturday Night Entertainment at CH as enjoyable as possible for all students, catering to the variety of interests. Moreover, as Leavers’ book and hoodies liaison, I would like every Grecian of this academic year to remember the Christ Hospital experience to the fullest and appreciate the relationships made in their own personal way.


Development Link, Student Entertainment, CHEDI
This year, I aim to use my roles to improve attitudes towards diversity within our school community. My role as a CHEDI monitor is centred around this, and my hope is that our partnership with ‘Inclusion Labs’ will help ensure that everybody feels both welcome and accommodated for here at CH. On top of this, I aim to use my role as Entertainment monitor to diversify the Saturday nights here at CH, hoping to implement themed evenings in cooperation with the different EDI branch groups. My role as development link involves liaising with the development office, maintaining our school’s ties with Old Blues and the City of London that allow us to function so well.


Junior Pupil Liaison, Grecians' Gift
This academic year, I’ll be assuming the roles of Junior Liaison as well as being one of the co-coordinators for 2022’s Grecians’ Gift. As Junior Liaison, I aim to ensure that the lower years’ voices are heard and that they feel settled and secured by those immediate to them as they build the foundation of their education. Being one of the coordinators for Grecians’ Gift this year, I endeavour to make sure all fundraising efforts go smoothly, and this year’s Grecian’s are comfortably able to leave CH a gift that marks our passing through the school.


Development Link, Leavers' & Hoodies, CHEDI
This year, I will be working with various school departments and Inclusion Labs, as part of my CHEDI role and role as the President of the African-Caribbean Society, to make sure that the diverse population of this school are all treated equitably and feel included in all facets of school life. In my role as one of the Development links, I will be helping to widen the school’s network with both Old Blues and those new to the school community by making them feel welcome here and enabling them to connect with the student body. It is my aim to leave the school in a much better place regarding both of these things, in line with the school’s new set of values.


Chapel Liaison, Tours & Visits, Christmas Fair
In my role as Chapel Liaison, I will assist the Chaplaincy Team in preparation for services and act as a line of communication between them and the Monitors. As Tours and Visits Monitor, I will welcome visitors to Christ’s Hospital and guide them around the school, explaining its history, as well as what everyday life is like here. I will also be taking on the role of helping to coordinate this year’s Christmas Fair, liaising between the pupil body and the organising committee, in order to create an enjoyable fundraising event.