School Life

Meet the Monitors


Senior Grecian
This year, I am leading the monitor team as Senior Grecian, collectively we are particularly keen to contribute to student wellbeing approaches. I am also the careers liaison which means that I assist the department in their virtual events and their involvement with the Old Blues Network; and the TLS and Peer Mentor liaison, considering our unique limitations this year I am especially focused on aiding younger students' access to senior support.


Second Monitor
As Second Monitor I support the Senior Grecian in her coordination of the monitor team and leading of the school. Alongside this I work with the House Captains of the Avenue Houses to help them in their roles and gain from their own insights on the feelings and issues of their Houses. I am also a part of the Christ's Hospital Equity Diversity and Inclusion committee where we aim to encourage inclusivity on a structural level within the school.


Pupil Wellbeing - Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
This year I aim to help improve the school's inclusivity and attitude towards diversity. I intend to help solve issues concerning policy and work together with staff and pupils to promote a more accepting and inclusive community. I hope to do this through societies such as the Afro Caribbean Society where diversity is appreciated and celebrated. I also aim to help enhance pupil wellbeing throughout the school and bring awareness to subjects surrounding wellbeing that are not usually talked about.


Student Entertainment, Development Link
This year I have the role of Entertainment and Development Monitor. As entertainment monitor I am part of a team that looks closely on planning and organising entertainment on Saturdays. Within my part in the entertainment team I hope to touch on the school’s student and teacher diversity by offering Saturdays to societies within the school wanting to show and share their cultures and traditions, in a fun and enjoyable way. As one of the school’s development monitors, I work closely with staff to strengthen relationships between Old Blues and students showing them Christ’s-Hospital and the opportunities the school provides from a student’s point of view.


Deputy Grecians’ Liaison, Music & Theatre Liaison
My role as a monitor this year is to help deps (Year 12 pupils), but specifically the new entrants to settle in to Sixth Form life at CH. I am also working closely with the Music and Drama departments to help them plan for future events and the re-opening of the CH theatre.


Sport Liaison, Student Entertainment
My aim as a Sport liaison is to be a key representative for CH pupils and to pass on any feedback that pupils have onto the Sports department. Along with that, I will be helping to ensure that all the sports activities available at CH are being advertised throughout the school community. Also as a student entertainment monitor, I will assist on planning enjoyable Saturday evenings and making sure that the entertainment is carried out in a fun, lively manner.


Tours & Visits, Development Link
My roles as monitor includes being part of the development link team and guiding tours and visits. I focus on maintaining a strong connection between our school and it’s old blues as well as providing resources for those wanting to know more about CH.


Sport Liaison, Food Liaison, Day Pupil Liaison
This year as Sports Liaison my main aim is to increase participation in sport throughout CH, in an effort to better overall well-being. As well as that I intend to strengthen the link between CH and Chartwells, improving the access to a wide variety of foods from many different cultures. I also aim to enhance the experience for day pupils this year to ensure they receive the great opportunities I have had.


Careers Liaison, Marketing Liaison
In my role this year as Marketing Liaison, I will be working with the school’s Marketing Team to help expose the wide range of great opportunities that are available here at Christ’s Hospital, both to the public and to future pupils. Also, as Careers Liaison, I will be involved in the running of virtual careers events which will be accessible to the pupils throughout the year.


Food Liaison, Marketing Liaison, Christmas Fair
There is quite a bit of diversity in my roles as a monitor this year but to sum up, for marketing I work closely with the Marketing Team to promote the school so more people can experience the great opportunities here. As Food Liaison, I liaise with the Catering Team to try and provide improved and more diverse meals for the school cohort. And finally, as Christmas Fair liaison, with help from the Deputy Heads and Chaplains, I hope to have a Christmas Fair this year as well.


Chapel Liaison, Junior Liaison
My role is to ensure that the chapel is run as smoothly as possible, and to ensure that the junior years feel supported and heard from others within our school community.


Environmental Liaison, School Council
In my School Council and Eco Ranger liaison roles, it is my responsibility to advise these bodies on appropriate and effective action, based on my previous experiences. Pushing forward positive action through this and individual projects is my aim for this year, and hopefully my legacy.


Music & Theatre Liaison, Peer Mentor Liaison
One of my two roles is to help make sure that the running of music and drama events go smoothly, as well as passing on any feedback from the pupils. As a Peer Mentor Liason, I help to oversee the peer mentoring program, ensuring that those who need the mentoring are getting the best they can


Development Link, Student Entertainment
I help to ensure a positive atmosphere in the school community through Saturday night entertainment. Along with this, I support the important link between current students and Old Blues.


Deputy Grecians’ Liaison, Marketing Liaison
This year I will be helping to make sure that all the Deputy Grecians', with particular emphasis on the new entrants, are settled into and enjoying Sixth Form life at CH. In addition to this, I will be assisting the Marketing Department, in order to promote the School, so that more young people can enjoy the great opportunities that I am grateful to have recieved.


Grecians’ Gift, Pupil Wellbeing
I am excited to be a part of Grecians gift this year, and I hope to help give back to the school by providing a gift that represents that class of 2021. Through the pupil wellbeing committee, I also aim to improve the conversation in the school to allow for a safe and positive environment for all pupils and staff.


CHEDI, Christmas Fair & Grecians’ Gift
I will be fundraising for a gift to the school from this year’s Grecians – a gift that will perfectly encompass the values of the class of 2021. Alongside this, I am working to maintain the Christmas spirit and deliver our annual Christmas Fair, albeit in a different form than usual. As the school is incredibly diverse, we have created a new Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee to allow everyone to feel represented and listened to.


International Liaison, Student Entertainment
As this year’s international liaison, it is my aim to try and integrate, particularly the new internationals, into the school community. As I am in charge of entertainment as well, I can use both of my roles to incorporate and include culturally significant days in order to educate the school community as a whole on different cultures and traditions from all around the world.