School Life

Meet the Monitors


Senior Grecian, Music and Theatre, CHEDI, School Council
As the Senior Grecian, my goal is to utilise the diverse skillset of the Monitor team to stimulate positive change at Christ's Hospital. I aim to be an exemplar role model as well as a friendly face around school. Through my role as a CHEDI Monitor, I intend to maintain CH's values on inclusivity ensuring that all pupils feel safe and welcomed in our community. As the Chairman of the School Council and School Council Laison, I aspire to improve communication between the student body and the Senior Leadership Team ensuring that the voice of every pupil is heard. As one of the Directors of the CH Gospel Choir, I was delighted upon receiving the role of Music and Theatre Monitor as both are such influential creative outlets in the school. I plan on working closely with both departments on ensuring big events go smoothly, as well as motivating participation in these extra-curricular aspects of the school.


Second Monitor, Christmas Fair, Tours and Visits
As the Second Monitor I am looking forward to working closely with the Senior Grecian (Zaphaneth) and the rest of the monitors to be a voice for the pupils of CH as well as represent our school to the best of my ability when engaging with people outside of our institution. Most importantly, during my time as Second Monitor, I want to be as approachable as possible and aim to connect with the students of CH in a way I haven’t been able to previously. As one of the Christmas Fair Monitors, I am excited to bring this large charitable event to life once more. It is a privilege to be given the opportunity to organise one of the school’s largest annual events and I will work closely with Manuela to do it justice. I have a deep appreciation for the school and its mission so in my role as the “tours and visits” monitor, I look forward to helping share CH’s unique qualities and rich history with others.


CHEDI, Marketing
As a Monitor, I believe it is vital to maintain a good rapport with all those who are a part of the CH whole. It is thus a major aim of mine to preserve and further promote a school environment that is inclusive and comfortable. Serving as a CHEDI monitor with a specific role as the ACS’s Creative Director, I look forward to taking an active part in encouraging the constant upholding of the CH values: kindness, inclusion, responsibility, perseverance, and individuality. My additional role in marketing will include liaising with the marketing department in devising exciting ways to convey the myriad opportunities CH has to offer.


Environment, Marketing
I have two roles for this year: Environment and Marketing liaison. I have always been passionate about the environment, so being able to work closely with the school’s Green Blues (a student-led committee). Improving CH’s green credentials is a very exciting prospect for me. Also, as one of the Marketing liaisons, I will help show the amazing opportunities our school has to offer to prospective pupils to encourage them to apply.


Peer Mentors, Student Entertainment
As the Peer Mentor Monitor this year, I aim to improve the application of our peer Mentor training, as I believe it can be a very important tool for people to practice, as well as creating a safe space and developing the relationships between the year groups at school. Furthermore, as Student Entertainment Monitor, I hope to work together with the entertainment committee to come up with new ideas for school entertainment, to make Saturday nights as exciting as they can be.


Music and Theatre, Marketing, Student Entertainment
This year, as a Monitor, I am excited to take on three important roles as part of the school's marketing team. I am determined to work closely with them, offering my full support, and engaging with people to represent our beloved school, CH, at various events as well as discussing how to make CH more known to others. Being someone who deeply cherishes the music culture at CH, I am eager to give back to the community by sharing my talents and passion for music. My goal is to contribute to the thriving music and theatre performances that make CH a vibrant artistic hub with its numerous concerts and events. Additionally, in my capacity as the Student Entertainment Monitor, I am dedicated to creating enjoyable Saturday night events for every year group. My aim is to provide a welcoming and socializing space where students can unwind and have fun after a week of hard work.


CHEDI, International Students
This academic year, I am thrilled to take on the responsibility as International Pupils Monitor as well as one of the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Monitors. For the international community, I want to ensure that every foreign pupil in Christ's Hospital feels welcomed, appreciated, and respected. Moreover, being lucky to work with the rest of Monitors team, I would love to organise various events to raise awareness of such important communities, as all of us are eager to create a safe and kind community for every single student in Christ’s Hospital. Furthermore, as an EDI Monitor, I aim to encourage each person to appreciate one another though support and understanding, thus creating a more inclusive environment.


CHEDI, Careers, Student Entertainment
As CHEDI monitor and Co President of the CH African and Caribbean society, my main goal is to the support the school in improving and upholding an inclusive environment. By actively spreading awareness about the various student-led groups, I aim to promote their missions and encourage more students to embrace them. Through collaborative planning of events with these groups, we can build understanding and empathy among our diverse populace, bridging gaps and celebrating our differences. As careers monitor my primary focus is to enhance the careers departments efforts in organising events for pupils. By working closely with the department, I aim to contribute fresh ideas to enrich the guidance process. In acknowledgment of the fast-changing technology landscape. I hope to support the department in incorporating more information on emerging fields and non-traditional careers. By fostering an environment that embraces and support each students’ unique aspirations I can support the careers team in empowering our pupils. My role as entertainment monitor is to deliver new ideas for Saturday nights at CH. By actively seeking ways to improve entertainment from all year groups as well as promoting a range of activities to cater to different interests.


Student Wellbeing and Learning Support SEAL
The student wellbeing role in my eyes sets a goal to develop the students personal as well as academic enjoyment and comfortability within the school. I aim to create a space within not just school council but all around the school that allows students to talk freely. This role allows me to create a more dynamic communication between the students and the teachers. Being the Learning support and SEAL (social and emotional aspects of learning) monitor bring great excitement to me because it is so important to so many different students throughout the school no matter the age. I will be working closely alongside the peer mentoring scheme through my SEAL side, to make sure the training offered can really support the students in the lower times of life. Through the learning support side of the role, I aspire improve the communication and understanding to other peers who may not have learning difficulties, but also to teachers. As then every student and teacher within the classroom can feel comfortable.


New Students Development
As the New Students Monitor this year, I plan to ensure that all new pupils are able to integrate into a Christ’s Hospital community that is both welcoming and accommodating at a time when a new pupil needs it the most, particularly through maintaining strong channels of support between new entrants and senior pupils. Furthermore, as a Development Link, I plan to conserve the strong relationship between the vast network of Old Blues and current CH Pupils, working closely with the Development Team in their fundraising efforts.


CHEDI Grecian’s Gift
As a CHEDI Monitor, my role is to liaise with the various communities and societies in the school as well as the SLT in order to promote a welcoming space which fosters inclusivity for all. Regarding my role as Grecian’s Gift Monitor, I aim to organise fundraising events and oversee the project to ensure it runs smoothly. Through this role, I hope to make a positive impact on the school, and show a token of the Grecians’ appreciation, as we can only give back a fraction of all that this school has given to us.


Christmas Fair, Food Committee
This year I am thrilled to take on the roles of Christmas Fair and the Food Committee Monitor. The Christmas Fair is one of the school calendar’s highlights and I plan on doing it due diligence with the help of Erhun. Through the active organisation of stalls, music, and food, I am confident it will be phenomenal, and a fantastic opportunity to raise a lot of money for such a brilliant cause. In the food committee, it is my intention to aid and strengthen the communication links between The Avenue representatives and our catering company as well as testing some exciting new ideas!


CHEDI, House Captains
This year, I have taken on the role as House Captains’ liaison and CHEDI liaison, of which I am equally excited about familiarising myself more about the students who this will affect and ultimately helping the CH community. In my role as House Captains’ liaison, I hope to instil a pastoral approach to help the House Captains feel comfortable in their roles on the Avenue and the Grecians’ Houses and support them as their lead their respective houses. Additionally, I hope to play an active role in allowing them to use their leadership effectively and always be a helping hand if needs be. Likewise, in my role as CHEDI liaison I hope to support the newer societies in the school as well as maintain awareness about the diversity of our school community.


Sports and Development
This year as the Development Link Monitor, my focus is maintaining the connection between Old Blues, the school, and its Benefactors. I will achive this by being present at reunion events and helping with fundraising efforts such as Old Blues’ Day. As the Sports Laision, I will be aiming to increase performance amongst all the sports in the school, whilst also trying to improve participation and encouraging pupils to get active, whether that be in sports or as part of general leisure.


Chapel, Day Students, Marketing
As the day pupil liaison, I provide a helpful link between the day pupils and the SLT. I help Mr Young organise meetings and events for the day pupils in the school which give them a chance to offer feedback and desires they may have to make their experience more integrated in school life. I also aim to be a good role model as a day pupil and hope to give the younger day pupils an example of how to balance school and home. As a chapel liaison I work with the chaplains and pupils ensuring the Chapel services run smoothly and give ideas and suggestions to maintain the interest of the pupils in the schools weekly Chapel services. Finally, as a marketing monitor, I strive to be a good ambassador to the school, helping to promote the good qualities of the school to prospective students (and parents), potential governors and local headteachers to name a few. I am part of a small team that work in this role, which aim to carry the good name of the school to more places.