Old Blue Special Recognition Awards – Past Winners

Wednesday 01 January 2020


Christopher Steele-Perkins (MdB 56-65) Career Success
Tim Armoo (MdB, GrW 11-13) Young Achiever / Rising Star
Lucy Herron (ColA 92-99) Community Impact
Clifford Jones (BaB 57-64) Commitment to CH
Keith Lugton (PrepA, MdA 53-60) Commitment to CH


Martin Bricknell (LaA, 75-82) Career Success
Olivia Buckland – (ThA, GrW 10 -12) Young Achiever / Rising Star
Andrew Cosedge (PeB 60-66) Commitment to CH
Ken Mansell (Peb 53-61) Commitment to CH


Roger Allam (PeB, ThA, 64-72) Achievement in a Chosen Career / Excellence in The Arts
Professor D. Keith Bowen (Bab, 51-59) Achievement in Science and Engineering
Dr Judy Evans (6s, 62-69) Achievement in a Chosen Career
Major General Buster Howes, CB, OBE (BaB, ColA, 71-77) Achievement in Chosen Career
Sir Rupert Jackson (PrepA, MdB, 58-66) Achievement in a Chosen Career
Elizabeth Llewellyn-Smith, CB (3s, 46-53) Achievement in a Chosen Career
Christopher Pearson (PrepB, MdA, 42-48) Commitment to Christ’s Hospital
Geoff Stearn (PrepB, BaB, 54-62) Commitment to Christ’s Hospital
Rev Father Paul Uwemedimo (LHB, PeA, 75-83) Community Engagement and Leadership
Dr Francis Warner (PrepB, MdB, 47-54) Excellence in the Arts


Terry Bate (ColA 45-51) Achievement in a chosen career
Chris Bugge (PrepB, MaB 56-63) Commitment to CH
Sir John Daniel OC (PrepA, MdB 52-61) Achievement in a chosen career
Kathleen Duncan OBE (3s 5s 56-65) Commitment to CH
Catherine Higham (nee Ennis 6s 65-71) Excellence in the Arts
James Hooper (MaB, GrE 98-05). Young Achiever (Old Blue under 30)
Josh Leakey VC (ThA, GrW 99-06) Young Achiever (Old Blue under 30)
Irene Rigold (7s 38-46) Community Engagement and Leadership
Mike Stock (PrepA, PeA 43-50) Community Engagement and Leadership


Joe Launchbury (MdB, GrW 02-09) Young Achiever (Old Blue under 30)
Bryan Magee (BaA 41-48) Achievement in a chosen career
Graham Mellstrom (MdA 41-48) Commitment to CH
Sir Richard Nichols (PeB 47-55) Contribution to the community and commitment to CH
Sally O’Brien (5s 70-77) Commitment to CH
Neville Osmond (MaA 44-51) Commitment to CH
Timothy Parsons (PrepB, BaB 42-49) Achievement in a chosen career


John Chumrow OBE (ColB 39-46) Commitment to CH
Sir Colin Davis CBE (ThB 38-44) Excellence in Sports or The Arts
Moyna Gilbertson OBE (6s 42-48) Commitment to CH
Fred Grant (MdA 36-42) Commitment to CH
Geoff Hines (LaB 51-59) Community Engagement and Leadership
Lance Reynolds (PrepA, MdB 49-58) Commitment to CH


Robin Crane CBE (PeA 41-49) Community Engagement and Leadership
The Baroness Deech DBE (1s, 7s 53-61) Achievement in a chosen career
Diana Gould (nee Robinson) (5s, 8s 42-51) Commitment to CH
Charles Hazlewood (MaA 78-85) Excellence in the Arts
Susan Mitchell (nee Hamilton) (1s, 7s 47-56) Commitment to CH
Dennis Silk CBE (PrepA, MaA 42-50) Excellence in Sport and Achievement in chosen career