School Life


There is a palpable vibrancy about music at Christ’s Hospital. We offer something very special to musicians of all types and at all stages of their musical development. Music has lain at the very heart of the school for 400 years and continues to do so, most obviously through the famous Band that accompanies the pupils’ daily march into lunch, and the Chapel Choir, of which more than 10 per cent of the whole school hold membership.

Inclusive and exclusive

We aim to be both inclusive and exclusive. Pupils of every age and ability are encouraged and inspired to nurture enjoyment and skill in music, whether that be through the annual house singing competition, picking up an instrument for the first time, playing or singing in one of our large ensembles, or forming a rock band with a group of friends on a Sunday afternoon.

Over 600 individual music lessons are taught each week by our superb team of full-time and peripatetic staff. In many cases, the school is able to provide an instrument for a pupil to use throughout their time here.

Our specialist musicians, here called music scholars, are offered an individual academic and practical programme, allowing them to fulfil their potential and reach ever-higher standards of music-making. They are supported throughout their school career by our team of dedicated experts.

For more information about Music Scholarships at CH, please click here Music Scholarship Information 2020

For more information about individual instrumental and singing lessons at CH, please click here.

We are lucky to enjoy some excellent facilities at CH, including 25 practice rooms, a fully equipped recording studio, composition suite, music library, band room, a 500-seat theatre, a 750-seat Concert Hall, and seating for up to 1000 in Chapel.

Every lesson to an individual or class; every rehearsal of an ensemble, orchestra, band or choir; every concert, performance, event or activity is approached in the certain knowledge that it is helping to inspire each of the young musicians involved to raise their musical expectations and standards and to develop their musical ability.