Amber’s Interview

Senior Grecian, Amber, talks about her time at Christ’s Hospital.

I followed my sister into the School. Growing up, she had always wanted to go to boarding school, as she read too many Enid Blyton books! My parents looked into it, but the costs involved made it difficult, until they came across CH and the opportunities it offered. My sister passed the entry exams and I joined the same House, Coleridge B, one year later.

I’m grateful to have been sponsored by the Royal Mathematical School. My dad was in the Royal Navy and through that association my education has been partly funded. There are many ways pupils can access bursaries and scholarships, through governors, individuals and livery companies. I know that some of the associations go back centuries. It’s wonderful how they give people an opportunity they would never have had otherwise.

Having my sister here was helpful, especially in Second Form/Year 7. But I found that just meeting people in my own house environment helped me to settle in. You get to meet people in different year groups and create a family bubble.

When I first arrived, I remember thinking that the buildings were beautiful but the sheer scale was overwhelming. I couldn’t imagine it was a place where I’d ever be entirely comfortable. Yet it becomes home very quickly. Now, I’m in Coleridge B, which is the house closest to the classrooms. This gives me a warped sense of time and I sometimes forget just how big the School is and leave too late!

I’ve been involved in many activities at CH. I played viola and violin in the Chamber and Symphony orchestras, enjoyed the camaraderie of netball, and took part in the Senior Poetry Translation competition which I won (with a section from Ovid’s ‘Metamorphoses’ called ‘The House of Rumour’). The range of activities and societies at the School is amazing.

I will miss the teachers and the friendships. In the Grecian/Year 13 houses, you see the same people every day and become very close. You always know that around the next corner you will be able to smile and say ‘hi’ to somebody! As you go through the years you meet more people, so by the time you’re a Grecian, friends are everywhere. That’s a comforting and affirming feeling.

I’m looking forward to moving on, excited about the future. I will be studying Classical Archaeology and Ancient History at Keble College, Oxford. I’m so grateful to my teachers, who have been so helpful with the UCAS process and made me feel more confident about challenges ahead.