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Bursaries at Christ’s Hospital change lives. Through the Bright Futures campaign, we’re fundraising to support 18 additional places at CH, to ensure more young people from disadvantaged backgrounds can achieve their potential.

A Christ’s Hospital education equips young people with the values, skills and knowledge that they will need to thrive in an increasingly demanding and diverse world. With its highly developed infrastructure, including the pioneering pastoral care programme, Christ’s Hospital is able to provide a safe and nurturing environment for all pupils, which is especially important for those young people from disadvantaged and challenging backgrounds.

This exceptional opportunity  is made even more remarkable by the unique relationship that can form between the bursary supporter, the pupil and their family. This relationship can include mentoring, encouragement and practical support during the pupil’s time at Christ’s Hospital and throughout their life.

You can support the Bright Futures campaign by donating to a bursary in a number of ways:

– Make a regular or single gift to the Bright Futures campaign

– Join the Blue Fund:  Join forces with others in the CH community to help to fully fund a seven year education and boarding at Christ’s Hospital for a child in need. Funds raised towards the next Blue Fund will support one of the 18 places for the Bright Futures campaign.

– A Donation Governorship: The Donation Governorship scheme has run for hundreds of years and offers individuals and organisations the chance to help a child gain entry to the School. By making a qualifying donation and presenting a pupil for admission, Donation Governors help children facing financial or social disadvantages to change the direction of their lives.

– Fund a 6th Form bursary

– Fund a full seven year bursary

– Fund an endowed bursary, to support a place at CH in perpetuity.

For more information about how to support bursaries at CH, please contact the Development Office on: T: 01403 246570 or E: