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Teaching and Programmes


Christ’s Hospital is committed to offering the very best possible education to our pupils by recruiting and retaining excellent and inspiring teachers. Our academic staff provide the highest quality teaching over a broad range of traditional subjects, as well as newly introduced subjects. You can support teaching at the School through subject areas and endowment of teaching posts.




Career guidance for young people is essential for helping them to make informed decisions about their futures. Christ’s Hospital’s dedicated careers programme gives our pupils information on a huge variety of industries and pathways, to keep them fully informed about the options available to them.

This dedicated programme, combined with the large network Old Blues who are committed to providing advice and support to our young people, means we can offer our young people the highest level of careers guidance.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is a key component of boarding life and nowhere is that more apparent than at Christ’s Hospital. Boarding gives children who may have stressful or difficult home environments the space and structure they need to succeed. The Pastoral Care programme at CH has been designed to ensure every child has the support they require, focussing on the pupil as a whole and developing the child not only academically, but personally, socially and emotionally. Additional resources will help ensure that children with more complex needs can access the transformational opportunity of an education at Christ’s Hospital.


For more information about how to support teaching, careers and pastoral care at CH, please contact the Development Office on: T: 01403 246570 or E: