1986 Leavers Fund

Led by fund Champion Matt Tilbury (BaB, MdA 80-86), a partnership of Old Blue donors from the class of 1986 created their own fund to support a pupil at CH.

In April 2022, 1986 Blue Fund pupil Emma who joined CH in 2016, made the decision not to return to CH after her GCSEs to attend a college closer to home. Emma benefitted greatly from the generous support of the 1986 Leavers’ Fund during her time at CH and we could not have given her the education that she has enjoyed without your continued support, thank you.

We found a new candidate to take her place for two final years at CH which makes up the full 7-year funding. We are delighted to introduce to you, the new 1986 Blue Fund Pupil Millie.

Millie joined us in September 2022 and has settled in wonderfully, she has given us a glimpse into life at CH during her first term.

Millie reflects on her CH journey so far:

” Having only been at CH for one term so far, my biggest achievement has been settling in quickly and making some really strong and positive friendships both in and outside my house, this has been a big personal achievement for me. 

I am also incredibly proud of achieving the Peer Mentor Award in my first term, the programme teaches us how to manage emotional and social situations that can occur in boarding houses, so that we can better support our peers in a proper manner and use these skills moving forward. 

Being offered a Blue Fund place at CH makes me feel incredibly privileged. I am pleased that I put myself through the application process, I looked at some other schools but this was the one that stood out to me and I am really happy that I was offered this place. I’m being given so many opportunities as a result of all the people who have donated to the 1986 Blue Fund and it has inspired me to make the most of being here and push myself to get the best out of my education in order to benefit me later on in life. CH has impacted me so much already in only one term being here, life lessons, boarding experience, the academics and I am confident that I will reap the rewards long into the future”

Matthew Tilbury (Old Blue 1980-86, BaB, MdA) Explains Why He Supports The 1986 Leavers’ Fund

“I had an idea a few years back to get those of us still regularly in touch jointly to contribute to sponsoring a child through CH.  The ‘Charge’ still looms large in my conscience.  Around that time CH were also looking at ways of increasing the fundraising base in light of the financial challenges both the school and the Foundation were facing.  This was also the time that some bad press was circulating that the school was going the route of previous (charitably founded) schools namely towards accepting more full fees students.

A get together was arranged by the CH team and a few of us OBs and hosted by Robert Harwood-Matthews (OB) at TBWA offices.  At this event I gave a short call-to-arms speech and expanded the recruitment remit to include the whole year of ’86 leavers rather than just our select few.  The idea being that a collection based on year group would get benefits from having a lower barrier to entry to start giving while still being able to give to an identified, specific goal (rather than to a general pool).  The side benefit being an opportunity to be able to enjoy that fellowship which we all felt at CH.

I hope you will join with me and make the 1986 Leavers’ Fund a success in order to support the education of another child at CH and give them the same benefits and opportunities that we all enjoyed.”

Please join the Fund on the Old Blues 86 LinkedIn Group and the Old Blues 86 Facebook Group to connect with your fellow donors and keep up to date with the Fund.