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Blue Fund Pupils

Since the Blue Fund launched in 2016 over 1,700 people have donated to it in some way, helping give the gift of a CH education to our Blue Fund pupils.

You can read their latest update on how they’re getting on at CH below.

Tom (joined September 2017)

“The countless experiences and chances that you get in Christ’s Hospital make it unique. For me, events like House singing, House drama, sports matches and music performances make CH very special. I have had so many opportunities; before I came to this school I had never even played hard-ball cricket, but now I really enjoy it and it is one of my favourite sports.

The thing I enjoy most about boarding is being in a very friendly community where you are around people you know and like. It is great living with your friends as you can get to know them a lot better than you would if you were in a non-boarding school.”

Tegan (joined September 2018)

“I think one of the most special things about being at Christ’s Hospital so far is boarding and friends you make. We are all so close and we all become like a big family. It’s really nice as everyone is always there for you. When I came back to school after the summer holidays I had a massive hit of home sickness, but people in my house helped make me feel better. We went to breakfast together and we talked about what would be happening that day and it really helped me and I am so grateful to have them.

I’ve also really liked being able to take part in sports that I wouldn’t have been able to do in my primary school. I’ve always liked sports but I’ve put a lot of effort in this year and it’s one of the activities I’ve enjoyed the most.

My best achievement so far this year has been my grades. I never really pushed myself academically before I came to CH, and the grades I’ve achieved here have made me feel really proud of myself!”

Bashar (joined September 2019)

“I wanted to come to CH because the opportunities really stand out from other schools, like the sports facilities and the education. I have been accepted to CH football club and we were victorious in our first match! It’s been really fun to play in a team – my primary school didn’t have a football club. I feel grateful as CH has given me these new hobbies.

History is one of my favourite lessons and we have history classes every day. In my old school we barely had any history classes, so I take advantage of that by investing all my curiosity into lessons.

I am looking forward to the opportunities the School has to offer as I’m open to trying any sport or subject. I think learning is one of the most powerful weapons, as Nelson Mandela once said.”

Hadiyyah (joined September 2020)

“When I found out I had got a place at CH, I felt really glad to have this opportunity in life. My sister already comes here, and I was excited to come to a school like no other! I have settled in very well so far, as everyone is very helpful. I have lovely friends and teachers, and everyone makes me feel at home.

“I am looking forward to starting design and technology classes because I love to be creative and make things. I’ve enjoyed playing hockey because I haven’t played that before and I just love moving around and trying new activities!”



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