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Bright Futures Supporters

We’re extremely grateful to those who have donated to Bright Futures and this list recognises those who generously made a gift.

Your donation will help us reach our target to create 18 bursary places for young people, who without you, would not have the means to receive a first class education and reach their full potential.

Whether you are an Old Blue, parent, former parent, staff, pupil, or friend of Christ’s Hospital, we thank you for your support and generosity.

Bright Futures Supporters

David Arnold, Old Blue (BaA 44-52)

John Asteraki, Old Blue (LaA 41-50)

Rachel Bailey, Old Blue (ColA, GrW 98-05)

Bruce Baker, Old Blue (LaA 52-59)

Martin Barker, former housemaster (LaB, MaA 52-64)

Nicholas Boyd, Old Blue (LaA 63-72)

Peter Bugge, Old Blue (PrepB, MaB 51-58)

John Chapman, Old Blue (LaB 50-58)

Patricia Churchill, Old Blue (4s 60-68)

Hugh Collins, Old Blue (ColA, BaB 59-66)

James Coomarasamy, Old Blue (MdA, BaA 78-85)

Edward Dallimore, Old Blue (BaA 42-47)

Peter De Ferrars, Old Blue (MaA 47-55)

Christopher Dent, Old Blue (PeB 48-55)

Duncan Dormor, supporter

Barbara Droth, parent of a pupil

Clare Durnford, Old Blue (LHB 89-96)

Timothy Edwards, Old Blue (ThA 92-99)

Christopher Elliott, supporter

John Hedley Evans, Old Blue (PrepB, MaB 51-59)

Kate Faram, Old Blue (LHB, GrE 00-07)

Harriett Fielding, Old Blue (LHB, GrE 00-05)

Michael Gimber, former staff (Science)

Robin Gray, supporter

Carol Gokce, Old Blue (2s 70-77)

Patricia Hann, former staff, (72-84)

Michael Harding, Old Blue (PrepB, LaB 43-52)

Helen Hartley, parent of a pupil

Robert Healey, parent of an Old Blue

Sheila Hinton, Old Blue, (3s 51-59)

Penelope Hodgson, Old Blue (6s, 8s 58-65)

Julie Howlett, Old Blue (2s, 5s 64-70)

Ernest Hutton, parent of an Old Blue

Hazel Ingram, Old Blue (4s 50-57)

Charles Jeans, Old Blue (PrepB, MaA 55-59)

Andrew Joanes, Old Blue (PrepB, ColA 41-50)

Jenny Kay, Old Blue (LHB, GrE 03-10)

Walter King, Old Blue (MaB 56-63)

Sabrina Kwaa (Safo-Kantanka), Old Blue (ColB, GrW 02-09)

Natalie Lake (Elliott), Old Blue (BaB, GrE 96-03)

Michael Liberman, Old Blue (ColB 51-59)

Honor Lilley, Old Blue (6s 54-59)

Keith Lugton, Old Blue (PrepA, MdA 53-60)

Nicola Marks, Old Blue (ColB 93-00)

Dorothy McConnell, Old Blue (4s 36-43)

Paul Middlemiss, Old Blue (ThB, 62-68)

Jan Millar, Old Blue (LaB 39-47)

Susan Mitchell, Old Blue (1s, 7s 47-56)

Gervase Muir, Old Blue, (LaA 42-50)

Peach O’Gorman, Old Blue (2s 68-75)

Margaret Oubridge, Old Blue (8s 53-60)

Elizabeth Paddon, Old Blue (4s 48-54)

David Parks-Smith, Old Blue (PrepB, MdB 48-58)

David Paton, Old Blue (PrepB, LaA 47-54)

Louise Perry, parent of a pupil

John Pitts, son of an Old Blue

Brian Richards, Old Blue (PrepB, PeB 61-70)

Jean Rutherford, former staff (Modern Languages 55-58, 66-71)

Adela-Marie Seeley, Old Blue (LHB, GrE 11-18)

Andrew Shannon, parent of a pupil

Funmi Shennowo, parent of a pupil

Johnathan Sketchley, Old Blue (ColA 63-70)

William Stevens, Old Blue (MdA 42-49)

Rebecca Swift, Old Blue (ColA 87-94)

Janet Thompson, Old Blue (3s, 73-81)

Roger Thornton, Old Blue (PrepA, PeA 63-72)

Phillip Turner, Old Blue (MaB, MdA 65-72)

Jonathan Wansey, Old Blue (PrepA, LaB, MaA 62-71)

Paul Willis, Old Blue (LHA, ThB 65-73)

John Worth, Old Blue (PrepB, MdA 52-59)

Huiying Yan, Old Blue (LHA, GrE 04-11)


Please contact if you have any questions about your listing.