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Bright Futures Supporters

We’re extremely grateful to those who have donated to Bright Futures and this list recognises those who have generously made a gift.

Your donation will help us reach our target to create 18 bursary places for young people, who without you, would not have the means to receive a first class education and reach their full potential.

Whether you are an Old Blue, parent, former parent, staff, pupil, or friend of Christ’s Hospital, we thank you for your support and generosity.

Bright Futures Supporters

Gifty Acheampong, parent of a pupil
Laura Adams, Old Blue (1s 73-78)
Olayemi Adeyemi, parent of a pupil
Esther Adoko, parent of a pupil
Martyn Adonri, parent of a pupil
Lena Aladeniyi, parent of a pupil
Mary Alexander, Old Blue (5s 78-83)
Olusesan Alli, parent of a pupil
Nicholas Alps, Old Blue (LHB, LaA 78-85)
Richmond Amoah, Old Blue (LaB, GrE 11-13)
Linda Amungwa, parent of a pupil
Richard Amungwa, parent of a pupil
Maria Anderson, parent of an Old Blue
Rosemary Andrew, Old Blue (3s 43-50)
Habib Annous, Old Blue (PeB 74-81)
Anthony Aram, parent of an Old Blue
Richard Arblaster, Old Blue (ThB, PeA 92-99)
Richard Arblaster, Old Blue (ThB 43-49)
David Arnold, Old Blue (BaA 44-52)
John Asteraki, Old Blue (LaA 41-50)
Hareef Asunramu, Old Blue(LaB, GrE 10-17)
Nelly Attolou, parent of a pupil
Abiola Awolola, parent of an Old Blue
Adebayosoye Awonaike, parent of a pupil
Alistair Babbington, Old Blue (BaA, ThA 59-68)
Rachel Bailey, Old Blue (ColA, GrW 98-05)
Ian Baillie, Old Blue (PeA 53-60)
Susan Bain, Old Blue (3s, 5s 53-61)
Bruce Baker, Old Blue (LaA 52-59)
Lizzie Ballagher, Old Blue (4s 61-67)
Afari Banwell, parent of a pupil
Martin Barker, former housemaster (LaB, MaA 52-64)
David Barlow, Old Blue (ThB 53-59)
Elinor Batz, Old Blue (5s 61-66)
Pauline Beadle, parent of a pupil
Jason Benham, Old Blue (MaA, 97-94)
Joan Bennett, Old Blue (7s 62-68)
Pamela Bennett, Old Blue (1s, 3s 49-55)
Lisa-Marie Bettiss, parent of a pupil
Abdalhaqq Bewley, Old Blue (PrepA, MdA 54-63)
Rhianna Biney, Old Blue (ColB, GrW 11-13)
Peter Bisset, Old Blue (LaB 52-60)
Patrick Blackmore, Old Blue (PeA 56-65)
Trevor Bonnage, Old Blue (LaA, LaB 87-94)
Hilarie Bowman, Old Blue (5s 62-67)
Olivia Bowman, Old Blue (ThB GrW 06-13)
Nicholas Boyd, Old Blue (LaA 63-72)
John Bradley, Old Blue (PrepA, BaA, 41-48)
Margaret Brett, Old Blue (7s 55-62)
Francis Brotherton, parent of an Old Blue
Peter Bugge, Old Blue (PrepB, MaB 51-58)
Carole Burgess, spouse of Old Blue
Caroline Burness-Smith, parent of a pupil
Andrew Button, Old Blue, (LaB 61-69)
Caroline Carmichael, parent of an Old Blue
Roderick Carmichael, Old Blue (ColB, MaB 73-77)
Anthony Carter-Clout, supporter
Nicola Chan, former staff
John Chapman, Old Blue (LaB 50-58)
Patricia Churchill, Old Blue (4s 60-68)
Mary Clare, Old Blue (BaB, GrE 97-04)
Philip Claris, Old Blue (PrepB, PeE 63-71)
Philip Coad, Old Blue (MdB 68-75)
Geoffrey Cole, Old Blue (PeA 53-60)
Hugh Collins, Old Blue (ColA, BaB 59-66)
James Coomarasamy, Old Blue (MdA, BaA 78-85)
Chris Cooper, parent of a pupil
David Collins, Old Blue (ThB 46-53)
April Cornish, Old Blue (5s, 7s 57-63)
Fiona Coveney, parent of a pupil
Peter Crick, parent of an Old Blue
Andrea Crossman, parent of an Old Blue
Terrence Crouch, parent of a pupil
Philippa Crowther, supporter
Paul Cuddeford, Old Blue (PeA 80-87)
Edward Dallimore, Old Blue (BaA 42-47)
David Davies, Old Blue (ColA 39-46)
Richard Davies, Old Blue (PeA 88-95)
Sue Davies-Jenkins, Old Blue (1s, 2s 57-65)
Joan Dawson, Old Blue (3s, 42-50) – gift made in memory of Barbara Moody, (1s 3s, 41-49) and Margaret Gaudry (Staff, 44-47)
Peter De Ferrars, Old Blue (MaA 47-55)
Noel De Jongh, Old Blue (ThA 39-46)
Sharon Del Risco, parent of a pupil
Nick De Mattos, Old Blue (BaB, LaB 66-73)
Camilla De Savigny, parent of a pupil
Christopher Dent, Old Blue (PeB 48-55)
Angus Denton, Old Blue (ThA, GrW 01-08)
Katherine Dobson, Old Blue (6s 59-65)
Duncan Dormor, supporter
Barbara Droth, parent of a pupil
Clare Durnford, Old Blue (LHB 89-96)
Owen Dutfield, Old Blue (MdB 77-83)
Arthur Dyball, Old Blue (LaB 45-54)
David Dykes, parent of a pupil
Roger Eades, Old Blue (PrepA, ThA 53-61)
Angelicque Eastman Owhoka, parent of a pupil
Eimioshio Ebosele-Park, parent of a pupil
Felix Edwards, Old Blue (PeA, PeB, LHA 82-89)
Judith Edwards, parent of an Old Blue
Timothy Edwards, Old Blue (ThA 92-99)
Christopher Elliott, supporter
David Epps, Old Blue (MaA 46-52)
Howard Evans, parent of an Old Blue
John Evans, Old Blue (PrepB, MaB 51-59)
Colin Eyles, Old Blue (BaA 53-60)
Kate Faram, Old Blue (LHB, GrE 00-07)
Gordon Farquhar, parent of a pupil
Robert Fennell, Old Blue (PeB 52-58)
Harriett Fielding, Old Blue (LHB, GrE 00-05)
Paul Fisher, parent of an Old Blue
Rhiannon Fisher, Old Blue (ColB 92-98)
Lucy Fletcher, parent of an Old Blue
Tristan Franklinos (PeB, GrW 03-07)
David Friday, Old Blue (PeB 44-50)
Peter Fulcher, Old Blue (ThA 75-82)
Patricia Gailey, Old Blue (1s, 4s 52-59)
Gabriela Galambos Haers, parent of a pupil
Keith Gale, Old Blue (ColB, 48-54)
Karina Garrick, parent of an Old Blue
Michael Gimber, former staff (Science)
Megan Godden, Old Blue (ColB 88-95)
Alice Mary Godfrey, Old Blue (4s 43-49)
Chris Godfrey, Old Blue (MaB 45-53)
Carol Gokce, Old Blue (2s 70-77)
Brian Gould, Old Blue (PeB 48-53)
Robin Gray, supporter
Rosemary Greenwood, Grandparent of Old Blue
John Gregory, Old Blue (PrepB, LaA 54-64)
John Grey, Old Blue (LaA 45-52)
Kay Griffiths, Old Blue (3s, 5s 54-61)
Michael Francis Griffiths, Old Blue (BaA 42-50)
Bryan Hall, Old Blue (PrepA, MaA, ColA 63-72)
Pam Hall, Old Blue (4s 37-44)
David Hall-Matthews, Old Blue (BaB, LaA 78-85)
Angela Hancock, Old Blue (6s 57-64)
Patricia Hann, former staff, (72-84)
Kate Harcourt, parent of a pupil
Michael Harding, Old Blue (PrepB, LaB 43-52)
Christopher Hardy, Old Blue (LaA 54-60)
Helen Hartley, parent of a pupil
William Harwood, Old Blue (PeB 64-70)
Sandra Hawes, staff
Veronica Hawthorn, Old Blue (5s 74-81)
Robert Healey, parent of an Old Blue
Alexander Henderson, Old Blue (ThA 47-54)
Tim Hennock, Old Blue (ThB, ThA, MaB, GrE 02-09)
Peter Hill, Old Blue (BaA 48-56)
Christopher Hinton, Old Blue (PrepA, MaA 38-45)
Sheila Hinton, Old Blue, (3s 51-59)
Simon Hoare, Old Blue (MdA 46-55)
Jane Hocking, parent of an Old Blue
Penelope Hodgson, Old Blue (6s, 8s 58-65)
Jane Holden, supporter
Philip Holden, Old Blue (BaB, ThA 67-73)
Eugenie Holder, parent of a pupil
Caroline Holt, Old Blue (5s 75-82)
Clive Horne, Old Blue (PeA 56-64)
David Horne, Old Blue, (PeA 50-57)
Howard Horne, Old Blue (PrepA, PeA 53-62)
Bob Hoskins, Old Blue (PeA 86-93)
Elizabeth How, Old Blue (LHA, GrE 02-09)
Alison Howard, Old Blue (4s 48-56)
Susan Howell Evans, Old Blue (1s, 3s 59-68)
Julie Howlett, Old Blue (2s, 5s 64-70)
Mary Hudson, Old Blue (8s 46-53)
Ernest Hutton, parent of an Old Blue
Hazel Ingram, Old Blue (4s 50-57)
Tim Isaac, Old Blue (ColB, MaA 59-67)
Edward Jackson, Old Blue (MaA 48-53)
Oke Jacobs, parent of a pupil
Daphne Jarden, Donation Governor
Charles Jeans, Old Blue (PrepB, MaA 55-59)
Ruth Jeayes, Old Blue (2s 38-47)
Mervyn Jeffery, Old Blue (PrepA ThB 49-58)
Folashade Jegede, parent of a pupil
Andrew Joanes, Old Blue (PrepB, ColA 41-50)
Robert Johnston, Old Blue (MdB 50-58)
Allison Jones, parent of a pupil
Jasmine Jones, Old Blue (6s, BaA 79-86)
Keith Jones, Old Blue (MaB 37-43)
Vernon Joynson, Old Blue (PrepB ThA, 63-71)
Jenny Kay, Old Blue (LHB, GrE 03-10)
Bethan Keall, Old Blue (BaA 92-96)
Barbara Kempston, Old Blue (1s, 2s 59-67)
Nigel Kerridge, Old Blue (ThA, MaA 65-72)
Walter King, Old Blue (MaB 56-63)
Sally Kirby, Old Blue (LHB 89-96)
Mary Kizilis, Old Blue (BaA 90-97)
David Knapman, Old Blue (MdB 63-70)
Olive Knight, Old Blue (2s 36-42)
Sabrina Kwaa (Safo-Kantanka), Old Blue (ColB, GrW 02-09)
Abigail Lacey, Old Blue (BaA 91-98)
Natalie Lake (Elliott), Old Blue (BaB, GrE 96-03)
Andre Lambert, Old Blue (MdB 69-75)
Tim Laughton, Old Blue (ColA 73-80)
David Laurence, Old Blue (LaA 79-85)
Hannah Lazell, Old Blue (BaA, GrE 00-02)
David Lee, Old Blue (PrepB, BaB 50-60)
Hau Kuen Eliza Lee, parent of a pupil
Robin Leggett, Old Blue (LaA 87-94)
Alexander Leiserach, Old Blue (MaB, GrE 94-01)
Derek Lemarchand, Old Blue (BaA 48-55)
Julia LePla, Old Blue (LHA, GrE 04-11)
Ms Lewis, parent of an Old Blue
Michael Liberman, Old Blue (ColB 51-59)
Honor Lilley, Old Blue (6s 54-59)
Caitlin Lindsay-Noble, Old Blue (LHA, GrE 03-10)
Louisa Lockwood, Old Blue (4s, BaA 81-85)
Andrew Longbon, parent of a pupil
Anna Lordon, parent of a pupil
Andrew Love, Old Blue (ThB 70-76)
Roger Lovegrove, Old Blue (PrepA, MaB 46-53)
Sarah Jane Lower, Old Blue (6s 76-81)
David Lucioni, Old Blue (MaA 53-60)
Keith Lugton, Old Blue (PrepA, MdA 53-60)
Yin Wing Luk, parent of a pupil
Bill Lupton, Old Blue (MaA, MaB, LaB 80-87)
Jonathan Lyall (PrepB, ColA 57-65)
Diana MacGregor, parent of a pupil
Jennifer Maclean, Old Blue (5s, 7s 45-55)
Julia Maginess, Old Blue (4s 42-48)
Iain Maidment, Old Blue (ThB, LHB 70-76)
Despina Malagari, supporter
Peter Manly, Old Blue (PeA 54-62)
Catherine Manton, Old Blue (5s 65-70)
Nicola Marks, Old Blue (ColB 93-00)
Richard Marks, Old Blue (PepB, LaB 60-69)
Caroline Marriage, Old Blue (6s 57-64)
John (Straw) Marvin, Old Blue (ColB 43-51)
Rosemary Mathieson, Old Blue (4s, 5s 48-54)
Esther Maughan McLachlan, Old Blue (4s, ColA 83-90)
Michelle McCarthy, parent of a pupil
Dorothy McConnell, Old Blue (4s 36-43)
John McGregor, Old Blue (MaB 49-53)
Richard McGregor, Old Blue (PrepB MaB, 48-57)
Anthony McKenna, Old Blue (MdA 55-62)
Andre McLean, Old Blue (ColA 42-49)
Jonathan McLeod, Old Blue (LHB, MdB, ColB 76-83)
Raissa McSkimming, parent of a pupil
Gillian Meason, Old Blue (6s 40-48)
Hugo Middlemas, Director of Development
Paul Middlemiss, Old Blue (ThB, 62-68)
Ann Mill, Old Blue (4s 47-54)
Jan Millar, Old Blue (LaB 39-47)
Michael Miller, Old Blue (PrepA, ThA 47-53)
Julia Mills, Old Blue (4s 66-73)
Ken Mills, Old Blue (MaA 42-47)
Nataliya Minchenko, parent of a pupil
Susan Mitchell, Old Blue (1s, 7s 47-56)
James Mitra, Old Blue (PeA, GrW 98-05)
Chin Chu Morley, parent of an Old Blue
Michael Morris, Old Blue (BaA 44-52)
Karen Morrish, Old Blue (8s 68-75)
Peter Robin Morrison, Old Blue (PrepB, BaA 53-61)
Brian Morrow, parent of an Old Blue
Laura Morton-Clark, Old Blue (ColA 97-99)
Sebastian Morton-Clark, Old Blue (PeA 92-99)
Gervase Muir, Old Blue, (LaA 42-50)
Imogen Muir, Old Blue (BaA, GrE 08-15)
Abby Mulholland, Old Blue (ColA 88-95)
Janet Munro, parent of an Old Blue
Chifurumnanya Nakanda, parent of a pupil
Valerie Nesbitt, Old Blue (3s 56-63)
Tom New, Old Blue (MaA, GrE 98-05)
Nelson Ngoka, parent of a pupil
Edwin Nieass, former staff (79-85)
Sara Nilsen, parent of a pupil
Andrew Nimmo, Old Blue (ThB, MaB 59-66)
Thomas Nitroy, supporter
Lesley-Anne Noel, parent of a pupil
Anne Norman, Old Blue (5s, 8s 61-66)
Christine Norman, Old Blue (3s, 5s 48-56)
Emmanuella Oblitey, parent of a pupil
Michael O’Dell, Old Blue (BaB 41-47)
Fran O’Dowd, Old Blue (6s 77-81)
Olufunmi Odusina, parent of a pupil
Peach O’Gorman, Old Blue (2s 68-75)
Berny Okoh, parent of a pupil
Leonard Okoh, parent of a pupil
Theresa Olagunju, parent of a pupil
Oluwatoyin Olanrewaju, parent of a pupil
John Onslow, Old Blue (ColB BaA, 69-75)
Emma Osman, parent of a pupil
Margaret Oubridge, Old Blue (8s 53-60)
Fenella Overington, parent of an Old Blue
Ayodele Oyewole, parent of a pupil
Olanrewaju Oyewole, parent of a pupil
Elizabeth Paddon, Old Blue (4s 48-54)
Pamela Padelopoulos, Old Blue (7s 48-56)
Bob Page, Old Blue (LaB 54-61)
Terrance Page, Old Blue (BaA 54-59)
Christophoros Panoutsos, parent of a pupil
David Parks-Smith, Old Blue (PrepB, MdB 48-58)
David Paton, Old Blue (PrepB, LaA 47-54)
Richard Paulin, Old Blue (LaA 48-54)
Christopher Pearson, Old Blue (MaA 85-92)
Guy Pender, parent of a pupil
Peter Roy Perdue, Old Blue (LaB, 44-53)
Sheila Peskett, Old Blue (4s 55-62)
Vinca Petersen, parent of a pupil
Mary Pettifer, Old Blue (4s 59-66)
Louise Perry, parent of a pupil
Victoria Perry, Old Blue (LHB, GrE 00-07)
Miles Pinniger, Old Blue (BaB, ColB 59-68)
Anne Pinkney, Old Blue (2s 47-54)
Michael Pinsker, parent of an Old Blue
Fred Piper, Old Blue (ThB, MdB 51-58)
John Pitts, son of an Old Blue
Joanna Poon, Old Blue (ColA, GrW 99-06)
Lionel Powell, Old Blue (BaB 46-51)
Rhoderick Powell, Old Blue (BaA, MdB 66-73)
Simon Pleydell, Old Blue (ThB, BaB 70-75)
Bernard Plummer, spouse of an Old Blue
David Presswell, Old Blue (LaB 74-81)
Veronica Puttock, parent of a pupil
Mark Purnell, parent of a pupil
Sally Ramshaw, Old Blue (6s 50-57)
Tahira Rana, parent of an Old Blue
Stewart Rayner, Old Blue (ColB 49-57)
Christopher Redwood, Old Blue (PrepA, MdB 49-57)
Stuart Reeve, Old Blue (LHA, LHB 81-88)
Fran Reid, former staff (Development)
Simon Reid, Head Teacher
Myra Rennie, former staff (80-85)
Geoffrey Ribbans, Old Blue (BaA 47-54)
Brian Richards, Old Blue (PrepB, PeB 61-70)
Elizabeth Richards, Old Blue (1s, 7s 59-65)
Lucien Riviere, Old Blue (BaA, MdA 78-83)
James Roberts, Old Blue (PrepA, PeA 56-65)
John Roberts, Old Blue (PrepB, MdA 42-51)
Jennifer Robinson, Old Blue (1s, 7s 49-58
Stephen Robson, Old Blue (ThA 93-00)
Jaqueline Rolf, Old Blue (3s 73-80)
Anja Romeikat, parent of a pupil
Paul Rose, Old Blue (PeA 44-51)
Carlene Rowe, parent of a pupil
Peter Rudolf, Old Blue, (ColB 44-53)
Flynne Rushton, Old Blue (ColA, GrW 02-09)
Jean Rutherford, former staff (Modern Languages 55-58, 66-71)
Tony Rutherford, Old Blue (PrepB, MaB 42-49)
Sally Rutty, parent of an Old Blue
Tom Ryder-Smith, Old Blue (ThB, MdB 92-99)
Pamela Salmon, parent of an Old Blue
Richard Saunders, supporter
Christopher Savins, Old Blue (BaB 59-65)
Adela-Marie Seeley, Old Blue (LHB, GrE 11-18)
Robert Sells, Old Blue (ThA 48-56)
Kelly Sexton, Old Blue (ColB 87-94)
Andrew Shannon, parent of a pupil
Austen Sharp, Old Blue (MaA, LaA 80-87)
Hugo Sharp, Old Blue (MaA 88-95)
Funmi Shennowo, parent of a pupil
Patricia Sherwell, Old Blue (6s 48-56)
Marie Shields, parent of a pupil
Lord David Simon, Old Blue (MdA 50-58)
Johnathan Sketchley, Old Blue (ColA 63-70)
Anne Smith, Old Blue (1s 2s 48-56)
George Snow, Old Blue (PrepA, ThB 49-56)
Eleanor Sorensen, Old Blue (BaB, GrE 96-03)
Paul Spragg, Old Blue (PrepB, MdA 35-42)
Jaqueline Spring, parent of a pupil
Nicola Stambach, parent of a pupil
Francis Steele, Old Blue (BaB, ThB 66-72)
Christopher Steele-Perkins, Old Blue (MdB 56-65)
Joan Stephens, parent of Old Blues
William Stevens, Old Blue (MdA 42-49)
Georgina Stewart, Old Blue (2s 44-51)
Patrick Stone, Old Blue (ColA 48-55)
Tim Stone, Old Blue (ThA 56-64)
Olaide Suberu, parent of a pupil
Frederick Sully, Old Blue (MdB 42-46)
Joanne Swift, parent of a pupil
Rebecca Swift, Old Blue (ColA 87-94)
Olubukola Taylor, parent of a pupil
Josephine Tew, Old Blue (3s 36-46)
David Thomas, parent of an Old Blue
Michael Thomas (BaB, ThB 60-68)
Nigel Thomas, supporter
Janet Thompson, Old Blue (3s, 73-81)
Roger Thornton, Old Blue (PrepA, PeA 63-72)
Richard Tite, Old Blue, (ColB 38-45)
Richard Tomalin, Old Blue (ColA 56-60)
Martin Turnbull, Old Blue (ColA, MaA 72-79)
Phillip Turner, Old Blue (MaB, MdA 65-72)
Derek Underwood, Old Blue (Col B 45-50)
Myfanwy Verrall, Old Blue (BaB GrE 02-09)
Adam Vidovic, Old Blue (MaA, LaA 81-87)
Monica Vincent, Old Blue (6s 48-56)
Paul Vincent, Old Blue (PrepA, BaA 51-58)
David Wansey, Old Blue (PrepA, LaB, MaA 62-71)
Jonathan Wansey, Old Blue (PrepA, LaB, MaA 62-71)
Anthony Waller, Old Blue (MdB 50-58)
Colin Warner, parent of a pupil
Kim Waters, Old Blue (3s 76-83)
Michael Wear, Old Blue (MaB 58-65)
Janet Weston, Old Blue (6s 39-46)
David Wicks, Old Blue (PrepA, MdA 60-68)
Peter Wildey, Old Blue (MaB 52-59)
Robert Wilkins, Old Blue (BaA 47-54)
Arthur Wilkinson, Old Blue (PrepA, ColA 49-55)
Camilla Williamson, Old Blue (ColA 92-99)
Charles Wilkinson, Old Blue (PrepA ColA 45-52)
Catherine Williams, Old Blue (ColA, GrW 98-05)
Steve Williams, Old Blue (PrepA, MdA 60-69)
Paul Willis, Old Blue (LHA, ThB 65-73)
Sophie Winship, parent of a pupil
Chantal Witter, Old Blue (LHB, GrE 00-06)
Chi Ming Wong, parent of a pupil
John Worth, Old Blue (PrepB, MdA 52-59)
Henry Wynne-Williams, Old Blue (PeA, PeB, LHA 82-89)
Huiying Yan, Old Blue (LHA, GrE 04-11)
John Yeomans, Old Blue (LaB, BaA 68-75)

Please contact if you have any questions about your listing.