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Recognising your generosity

Thank you for supporting the Chapel organ appeal

We’re extremely grateful to those who have donated to the Chapel organ appeal, this list recognises those who have generously made a gift.

Your donation will help us cover the cost of this £1 million restoration project and enable pupils to continue enjoying this majestic instrument for many generations to come.

Whether you are an Old Blue, parent, former parent, staff, pupil, or friend of Christ’s Hospital, we thank you for your support and generosity.

Chapel organ appeal Supporters

Mark Whitehead
I would like to dedicate my donation, as one of his choir leaders, to Malcolm McKelvey who was the director of music during my time at CH (BA, PA 70-77).  The sound he was able to generate from the organ, particularly during the leaving services was astonishing.  It would be great to have it restored back to its former glory.

John Tudor Worth

George Stephens

Anne Mary Faulconer

Alan Frost

Michael Hawkins

Patrick Sowter
In loving memory of Jill Sowter who loved to play the Organ

Danae Clark

Patrick Hoare

Mervin Jeffrey

Robert Sanders

Valerie Nesbitt
From an ‘Old Hertford’ organ girl, who played the old Father Willis school Hall organ on speech day 1963

John Churchill

Stephen Maxwell Swift

David Parks-Smith

Peter Smart

John Greenly Steel

Mary Kizilis 

Eppie Churcher

Martin Turnbull

Mark Whitehead

Nicholas Chapman

John Dunning

Graham Hillier

Geoffrey Roper

Paul Price

William Harwood

Christopher Laughton

Michael Sant

Peter Bugge

Monica J. Meeneghan
In honour of my father, Alwynne Hedley Griffiths ARCM whose talent on the organ was widely recognised and appreciated in this country and overseas.

Anthony John Kemp

Andrew John Gillett

Daniel Elston Atkinson

Richard Sydenham

Colin Wilson

Richard Hone

John Dunne
Dedicated to Reverend WCM Cochrane ‘Corks’ an old CH Director of Music in the 40s/50s.

Anthony Cline

James Jeans

Iain Maidment

Christopher Redwood

John Laurence

Mark Wimbush

Christopher Moss

Peter John Manly 

Jan de Walden
For the organ that first introduced me to Messiaen, Duruflé and Widor (amongst many others) and gave me a lasting love of organ music.  Get well soon!

The Venerable Christopher Laurence 
In memory of Philip Dore

Charles Edward Cook

David Hadden

John Tabor

Richard Arblaster

David Pickering

Susan Stubenvoll
In memory of ‘William James (Tom) Stiff’

Chantal Geall
I am making this donation in memory of many happy hours spent playing the organ in the Chapel at CH Hertford. Hoping that pupils will continue to benefit from the wonderful sounds of the organ in Horsham and relish the opportunity to play on such a fine instrument.

Galina Bodrenkova

The Reverend John Bacon

Kay Griffiths

John Gregory

Philip Riseborough 

Veronica Mary 

Mervion Frances
In memory of Jean Taverner – music teacher, choir mistress and brilliant organist at Hertford

Nicholas Charles Went

Edmund Stephen

Jennifer Maclean

Edmund Cook

Mervion Kirkwood

Veronica Lee
Dedicated, with much love and thanks, to the memory of Colin and Marjorie Lee, parents of Veronica Lee who was Head Organ Girl at Hertford 1977-78.

Sir David Green

Tim Evans 

Donald Carter

Jennifer Knight

Keith Lugton 

William Stevens

Rupert Jackson

Anthony Trew

David Harmsworth

Derek John Underwood

Ruth Deech

Belinda Keeley

Richard Robert McGregor

Diana Gould

Andrew Robinson
I remember the partial restoration in the early 1980’s. The organ was out of action for some time, the Chapel was poorer for it. 

Brian Philip Gould

Susan Gillian Cotton

Richard Brian Millington

Robert Brian Murcell Wilkins

Judith Smith

Gillian Clare Meason

Nigel Paul Kerridge

Ann Mill 

Captain Jeremy Read

Bruce Lyons

Keith Harold

John Prideaux Perry 

Paul Richard Harold

Pamela French
My father Mr Terence French was a pupil at Christ hospital in 1943-1951 in the Peel A house. My father passed away in October 2021. My mother (Mrs Pamela French) has made a donation on behalf of my father. My father had a friend who played the organ (possible surname Rose) and my mother remembers my father speaking fondly of the time spent with his friend whilst practicing the organ. The donation is given in memory of Mr Terence French

The Rev. John M Bacon
In thankful gratitude for the sound of a marvellous organ heard every day when I attended Chapel.

Janet Elizabeth Porter

Michael Charles Thomas

Martin Stevenson

Mark Simon Burgess 

Simon Charles William Hook

John Young

Charles Lemon

Michael Burns

Janet Elizabeth Porter

Rev Michael John Burns

Richard Charles Cheshire

Michael John Claxton

Charles Christopher David Lemon

Dr John Michael Render Young 

Anita Awenat 

Gareth Balle
I would like to dedicate my donation to the memory of Malcolm McKelvey, who I had the great pleasure of being an organ student of, he was a truly inspiring teacher.

Dorothy Blincoe
With thanks for Organ lessons at CH Hertford, still playing 2 services each Sunday!

Alison Howard
In memory of my sister Jane Birkey 5’s v 4’s  49-57

J Robert Bradney

Tim Henderson

Audrey Lee Thornton
In memory of a great organist and dear friend Malcolm McKelvey – CH staff and Old Blue Bruce T Lyons who was beaten for taking the fuse out of the organ before a service.

James John Rooke

Ann Barbara Gosling

Peter Garner Sebborn

David Michael Barlow 

Richard  Henry Maudslay

Simon Charles Brooks Kenward

Richard Marks

Edmund J Board
This donation is from James Board who left Col B in 1979

Mark Lehoucka

Hugh Collins

Benjamin Monaghan

Samuel Edgington 

Lydia Mary Vaughan Steven 

Linda Wrigley
We would like to dedicate our donation in memory of Frederic Wrigley 1924-2022. An old Blue who graduated in 1942.

Sue Davies Jenkins

Noel Osborne
To Cecil Cochrane (Director of Music), John Walker, Peter Bingham, Brian Head, The King’s College Cambridge/ Old Blue Choral scholars who encouraged me to be a musician

Rosemary Winifred Andrew (nee Baker)

Bruce Ian Baker

Andrew Wimbush

Haylor David Lass 

Lesley Newman

Peter McKenzie 

David Henry Lee 

Anthony Furnivall

Hervey Howell

Robert Steel

Louis Mullinger

Jane Armistead

David Robinson 

Richard Johnson

Pamela Abas-Ross

Geoffrey Summers

Peter Fletcher

Susan Bain

Peter Wildey 

Charles Jeans

Jean Castledine

Francis Steele

Kathleen Duncan

With gratitude for the opportunity to learn the organ at Hertford – Head Organ Girl 1964/65.

Susan Mitchell

Rebecca Gibson Swift

It’s incredibly important to keep music and these historic instruments going at CH, so it’s fabulous that this restoration is happening! It’s a pleasure to be able to help in a small way, as it was CH that allowed me to develop into a professional musician.

Michael Coupe

In memory of Cecil Cochrane and Joe Swale, inspiring musicians and wonderful organists.

Rosemary Kavanagh

In memory of Sally Ramshaw who loved this Chapel.

Michael Gruszewicz

Andrew Harding

Shannon Farrington

Keith Bywater  

In memory of former Headmaster C M E Seaman (1955-1970)

Angela Wildsmith