Telephone Campaign 2021

We are pleased to announce that from 6th July – 19th July, we will be running our first remote telephone campaign! We have recruited a team of 13 recent school leavers who, for the first time, will be working from home remotely instead of from our call room at CH.

Our callers will be calling to update you on the latest news and developments at the School, to share CH experiences, hear your interesting stories and gain insight and advice from you on life after CH. The telephone campaign is also an opportunity for our callers to tell you more about ways that Old Blues can get involved and make a difference, including seeking support for our Bright Futures campaign to give more disadvantaged young people the opportunity of a CH education.

Find out more about our callers…

Amy (BaA, GrE 13-20)

With my school year being cut off last year due to the pandemic, I felt I have not had the opportunity yet to give back to the school. I wanted to join the CH telephone campaign because one of the main values of Christ’s Hospital is giving back, to allow others to have the same opportunities as I received.

I participated in a range of activities at CH, from playing clarinet for the Band in various parades in London, to CCF Navy and playing sports for the school such as Hockey and Swimming. I was also fortunate to be selected for a school exchange to Baltimore, USA, as well as travel to New York for the art trip, and ended being a House Captain and Monitor. It may seem like a long list but it was because of CH that I was able to experience many opportunities. Christ’s Hospital truly shaped who I am and instilled in me values and skills I still hold true today.

My gap year plans haven’t exactly worked out the way I expected, but I’ve spent the year working before starting a History of Art degree later this year. I hope to continue into the museum/gallery and arts sector as being creative has always been my passion.

I always love talking to Old Blues and hearing about their stories and what they got up to during their time. Including the uniform, some things never change!

Ewurajoa (BaB, GrE 16-21)

I applied to this job because I want to be in contact with Old Blues and create a network. I would like to help the school continue to provide a great adolescent life for the students.

CH has benefited me substantially. It has made me appreciate the differences between people and become much more culturally aware. On top of that, my public speaking skills and confidence in myself have both been nurtured. These changes have allowed me to grow my ambition for the future.

I’m in my final year at CH, eagerly waiting to begin my first year studying Politics and Sociology at Warwick in September. I am spending these last few weeks immersing myself in school life so I can acquire some final memories to fuel the nostalgia that I will be having soon, no doubt! In future, I aspire to go into some government sector but before I do this I wish to travel – as part of a year abroad, a post-uni trip or ideally, both.

I am hoping to learn more about the Old Blues community and gain insight into the many different career paths that Old Blues have followed.

Esther (LHA, GrE 14-21)

I chose to be a CH telephone campaign caller because it provided me the opportunity to give back to the place that has helped me so much already! I also saw it as an opportunity to strengthen the School’s relationship with its Old Blues and partners so that more people like me and from my background could have the opportunity to study here!

CH has impacted my life in many ways. It has given me the opportunity to pursue my passions, but also take part in different societies such as the Christian Union, Afro-Caribbean Society and the Gospel Choir, which eventually lead me to take leadership positions in these societies. CH has also allowed me to widen my horizons, converse with people from different backgrounds to me and immerse myself in various cultures. It has prepared me efficiently for the independence that I will experience later in life, but also taught me to actively search for opportunities pertaining to me.

I am about to finish my final year at CH. I hope to study Modern History and Economics at the University of Manchester next academic year, with plans to either pursue a placement year or study abroad. I’m not too sure about my plans after that but I hope I make a positive impact on the world, whilst doing something I enjoy and am passionate about!

I am hoping to reinforce the connection CH has with its Old Blues, but also hear stories and experiences that Old Blues have had beyond CH! I also hope to gain insight into the world of work and speak to alumni who are in the sectors that I would like to pursue in the future!

Freddie (MdA, MaB, GrE 14-21)

I chose to be a caller so I could engage with Old Blues, contribute back to CH and gain vital work experience. If it wasn’t for CH, I wouldn’t have benefitted from so many of the opportunities that I have done. For this I am eternally grateful and I believe that reflecting and acting upon this is important, even just as I have left the Grecians and am headed to university.

I’d love to head into finance after university, and I am looking forward to speaking to Old Blues about their time at CH and in their careers in many sectors.

Helena (BaB, GrE 15-20)

Christ’s Hospital supported me not only to achieve academically, but also to get involved in all kinds of opportunities, such as being in the marching band, singing in the chapel choir and competing in public speaking, all of which have given me great memories and skills.

I am currently a first-year undergraduate studying Psychology at the University of Bristol, which I am loving! Alongside this, I enjoy volunteering in various mental health and disability advocacy roles, with charities and the university’s Student Union, and have a keen interest in working in the mental health field in the future.

I chose to be a CH telephone campaign caller to have the chance to have those all-important conversations with Old Blues about the current news from Christ’s Hospital, and how we can support CH to continue providing these amazing opportunities to others.

Isi (BaA, GrE 16-18)

I’m currently a Biochemistry student at the University of Manchester, with a tentative plan to pursue pharmacological research in the future. I wanted to be involved in this campaign because I know first-hand the difference a CH bursary can make.

Going to CH gave me access to an excellent education, but more than that, it gave me opportunities to try new things, build my confidence, and make friendships that will last a lifetime.

I’m really looking forward to talking to other Old Blues and connecting over memories of CH!

Lucy (ThA, GrW 14-21)

I am in my final year at CH and next year I plan to go to the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama to study Drama, Applied Theatre and Education. I chose to become a CH telephone campaign caller to connect with old blues and see how CH has impacted their life and their journey since then.

I also wanted to give back to the school in my final year. I have received so many opportunities at CH that I don’t think would have happened anywhere else and it has influenced me into taking the path I want, not what others want for me. Participating in this campaign, I am hoping to raise money for the school but also talk to old blues and connect with them to get their tips for life after CH.

Lucy (BaA, GrE 14-21)

I have chosen to be a CH telephone campaigner so that I can help other young people enjoy the same opportunities and benefits that I have received during my time at the school. I’m also looking forward to speaking to Old Blues about their experiences at Christ’s Hospital, whilst fundraising for an excellent cause.

Since joining in second form, not only have I been fully supported to pursue my academic interests, but I have also been encouraged to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities such as Netball, Drama, Model United Nations and the Marching Band. I have just finished my final term at CH and I’m looking forward to my gap year, where I’ll be working as a ‘Gapper’ in a local prep school and travelling where Covid allows!

Manon (LHB, BaA, GrE 14-21)

Becoming a caller felt like less so of a choice but an obligation to convey the immense gratitude that I feel towards the foundation for the opportunities that it has provided me in the seven years that I have been a pupil, and I believe that I would find no greater pleasure than to do so by helping to provide the opportunity to another child. Furthermore, it is an opportunity that I, as a largely sociable person, am excited by and hope to learn much from.

I would say the influence of CH persists throughout various aspects of my life. Whilst it has equipped me with attributes such as independence and maturity, it has also guided a smooth shift from my childhood to adulthood life by providing me with university and career guidance in a supportive environment.

I’m currently in my final year at CH. I hope to go to university in London next year and then pursue a career in Journalism or Law, specifically in addressing socio-political crises.

I would like to engage in casual yet compelling conversations whereby I may gain the experience of speaking to a wide breadth of people and hopefully establish common ground with many of them. I am interested to learn about their lives following CH and perhaps gain knowledge of different career sectors.

Mary (LHA, GrE 16-18)

I chose to be a campaigner because I believe every child should have the opportunity to receive the same benefits I did at Christs Hospital. I joined CH during sixth form, at a crucial point in my education. Although my time there was short, I learnt valuable lessons which prepared me for life after school, things I would not have learnt elsewhere.

Now, as I am about to complete my degree, I realise that one of the most important lessons was independence, without which my time at University would have been very challenging. I am pursuing a career as a Barrister and I take comfort in the fact that I can still turn to CH for support through the Old Blues Network. This is evidence that the benefits do not end when your time at CH comes to an end.

In this campaign, I hope to remind Old Blues of the great benefits they received, and I hope they feel inspired to allow a child to have the same opportunity.

Misha (PeA, GrW 12-17)

I chose to take part in the telephone campaign to help give more children the same opportunity I was lucky enough to have.

I felt consistently motivated and encouraged to strive to excel in all areas by the CH community. The teachers, my peers and the school traditions formed a foundation of support, trust and structure that allowed to me to explore my passions and fulfil my academic, sporting and musical ambitions to the greatest extent. This has afforded me confidence and belief in myself in future endeavours allowing me to face the challenges of university and work with optimism and determination.

I am currently in my final year reading Politics, Philosophy and Law (LLB) at King’s College London. I have had the opportunity in my breaks from university to work in the film industry, most recently on Enola Holmes with Helena Bonham Carter and White Noise, directed by Noah Baumbach. I wish to pursue a career in the film industry once I graduate.

By participating in this campaign, I want to strengthen my link with CH and other Old Blues. I hope maintaining these relationships further preserves the school’s ethos and legacy and grows the community of Old Blues who have been so kind and encouraging to me since I left CH.

Tani (BaA, GrE 17-19)

I chose to be a telephone campaign caller for CH as it seemed like to the perfect opportunity to give back to the organisation that gave me so much and helped me get to where I am now. CH’s Old Blue community is so rich and diverse, and I’d love to get the chance to speak with other people who are passionate about CH and its mission.

CH helped me develop myself both academically and in my personal life. Had I not been fortunate enough to go to CH, I likely wouldn’t have discovered my passion for linguistics, or had the opportunity to grow in my musical abilities. Through CH, I developed my independence and sense of self, which has been invaluable both at university and in my general life.

Right now I’m at the University of Warwick studying a course called Language, Culture, and Communication. I love what I’m learning and I’m incredibly excited to see what the future holds. I’m interested in developing my music career and even considering applying for a Master’s Degree in Speech and Language Therapy.

Through participating in this campaign, I hope to contribute to the future of CH, so that other children like me can get the opportunity to take part in the education and incredible community that I was fortunate enough to take part in. I also hope to learn more about the Old Blues of CH, as well as their individual stories and experiences with the School.

Travis (MaB, GrE 14-21)

I am currently in the final weeks of my Christ’s Hospital career which is rather scary seeing as I joined in second form just shy of seven years ago.

I have had an amazing time at CH and I cannot put into words the impact it has had on my life, making me the person I am today.

Therefore, I am thrilled to be able to talk to Old Blues because I think it is vital to share memories and aid someone else to experience the same life changing ‘school like no other’.

Find out more about Bright Futures and how you can support the campaign here.

We believe in fairly reimbursing our callers so that they have the opportunity to experience a hard-working and fair workplace. For this reason, callers are employed and paid £10.08/hour. However, 100% of every gift made as part of the telephone campaign will go towards the Bright Futures campaign.