Medical Centre

The Medical Centre is open 24 hours a day during term time. There is always a trained nurse on duty to care for a young person who is unwell and to offer help and advice to pupils, parents and staff should they have any medical concerns.

The team is led by Elaine Kimber RGN Senior Nurse. It consists of six qualified nurses and a care assistant, who have a wealth of clinical experience and qualifications and aim to provide a high level of clinical care. They work closely with the psychotherapy and counselling team, sports injury therapist and school dentist, all of whom are based in the Medical Centre.

The school doctor visits the Medical Centre Monday to Friday mornings, pupils are able to book appointments through the nursing staff or after discussion with their Matron. Younger pupils will always be chaperoned by a member of Medical Centre staff if a parent or guardian is unable to attend. If a hospital referral is required the nurse will notify parents. Once the appointment is generated parents will be informed and asked if they would like to attend the appointment with their son/daughter. If this is not possible then arrangements will be made by the Medical Centre.

If pupils are feeling unwell during the school day their teacher or a member of the House Team will arrange for them to be escorted to the Medical Centre where they will be assessed and treated and if necessary admitted for observation. The parents, Houseparent and Matron will be notified of the pupil’s admission and kept informed of their progress. The Medical Centre has two dormitory style wards for boys and girls, a single en-suite room and a sitting room area.

We hold daily nurses surgeries for minor ailments and concerns. There are also specialist nurse led clinics including initial health assessments, routine immunisation catch up, nutrition and diet support, travel health, asthma care and sexual health advice. Another important part of our role is to promote a healthy lifestyle and provide health education within the school community.

We are supported by administrative staff, housekeepers and drivers who take the young people to outside health appointments including orthodontic, minor injuries and hospital, the drivers will also act as a chaperone when necessary. The drivers will then refer all details of the visit back to the nurse on duty. Some follow-up outpatient appointments are carried out by remote video link.

Should the need for admission to hospital arise the pupil will be accompanied by their Houseparent and parents will be notified. Whilst the Houseparent is able to give consent for emergency treatment we do prefer parents to do this wherever possible.