Online Safety

A collection of links and resources to promote awareness and good practice with regard to our pupils online safety.

There is a wide range of activity at CH which promotes good educational awareness of the issues that face our pupils with regard to online safety. This mindmap illustrates a number of the things that we do.

Education in this area is becoming more important as our young people are growing up in an environment where little, it can seem, separates the virtual world from the real world – they are often seen as the same thing.

Naturally we have policies and related documents which provide a structure and framework for the school’s approach to online safety. We also recognise that such documents, if they are to remain purposeful, need to be regularly reviewed and treated as live pieces of on-going work.

The press in the UK is particularly good at reporting issues on how the use of social media is becoming an increasing concern for our children and wider society. Several interesting articles are posted here and this section will be updated regularly.

There is of course a lot of positive material pertaining to online safety to be found on the internet. A very useful resource is this collection of videos which cover various themes to do with online safety and ‘digital reputation’. The social media activity of our pupils is likely to be looked at in the future by potential employers and also by universities.

In addition to this there are now several specialist charities and other organisations that have created their own websites and portals to host information and advice. A number of the main organisations can be found and accessed from these pages.