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School Policies

Here are some of our policies and further information that you may find useful:

Academic Probation Policy - Sep 16
Access Security and Visitor Policy – Feb 16
Admissions Policy - Sep 16
Alcohol Policy - Sep 15
Anti Bullying Policy
Anti-Drugs Policy - Sep 16
Assessment and Evaluation Policy - Sep 16
Boarding Policy - Oct 16
Bursary Policy - Nov 16
Code of Conduct for Pupils
Code of Conduct for Staff - Jul 16
Concerns and Complaints Policy Nov 15
Confiscation of Property Policy
Contractors Policy - Dec 16
Curriculum Policy - Nov 16
E-Safety Policy – Jan 16
English as a Second Language Policy - Nov 16
Equality and Diversity
Expectations of Pupil Behaviour - Nov 16
First Aid Policy
History and Governance
ICT Code of Conduct for Pupils
Missing Pupil Policy – Nov 15
Mission Statement Aims and Objectives
Pupils' Dress Code
Rewards and Sanctions Policy - Aug 16
Safeguarding, Welfare and Child Protection Policy - Sep 16
Safety, Health, Environment and Fire (SHEF) Policy - Aug 16
SHEF Statement of Commitment - Aug 16
Smoking Policy March 14
Teaching and Learning Skills and Support Handbook - Nov 16
Work Experience Policy Nov 15
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