School Life

Community Action

The Community Action Programme at CH

Over 200 senior pupils (Years 10–13) voluntarily participate in the Community Action programme each week. More than 30 different placements are organised on a weekly basis throughout the academic year including nursery schools, primary schools, special needs schools, residential homes for the elderly, hospices and charity shops as well as a Ready and Able Sports Club and a lunch club, which take place at Christ’s Hospital.

Visits and activities take place on four afternoons a week in Horsham, Southwater, Billingshurst and Worthing. The School plus local voluntary agencies in and around Horsham provide transport.

Community Action has been organised at CH since 1987 and is currently led by Olivia Hawkins.


  • Advance our knowledge and skills in vital areas of education
  • Raise the level of individual and collective consciousness and awareness concerning community needs
  • Challenge our resourcefulness, intelligence and creativity to respond to these needs
  • Acknowledge our position of advantage and accept the responsibilities that go with it
  • Provide opportunities for a wide range of pupils & teachers to engage in voluntary work


  • Inform ourselves about local, national and international issues
  • Break down barriers of prejudice and ignorance
  • Involve ourselves with others who need our time and patience
  • Understand the nature of commitment
  • Integrate special schools with the community and vice versa