Old Blues (CHOBA)


Chris Thomas ThA,ThB, GrW 94-01


Bob Judson MaB, ColB 73-80

Council of Christ's Hospital Representative

Daisy Swayne BaA, 90-97

Bridget West (née Dray) 7s, ColB 84-91

Ex-officio Publications Liasion

Johnny Owens MaA 91-98

Julia Stones 4s 66-73

Mustafa Regec-Noor PeB, PeA, GrW 97-04

Co-opted Member

Lucy North BaA, GrE 14-21

Co-opted Member

Onyinye Udokporo BaB, GrE 09-16

The CHOBA Board

Key Documents

A Letter from the CHOBA Board - September 2018

Letter from the CHOBA Board - Spring 2019

Letter From the CHOBA Board - Summer 2019