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The Blue encapsulates a year in the life of Christ’s Hospital: a review largely from the pupils’ perspective. For current pupils, parents, Old Blues, staff and every other friend of the School it provides a fascinating record of one turn of the School Year.

Click here >> To catch up online with all the 2016 news from CH with the latest edition of The Blue

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The Old Blue is produced by the Christ’s Hospital Old Blues Association, and records news, activities and achievements of the Old Blue community in an easy to read  format. This is published twice a year.

Housey! Development news on fundraising initiatives at CH as well as School highlights. It is a biannual publication which is sent to Old Blues and the wider CH community of friends and supporters.

The Annual Review highlights Christ’s Hospital’s past year’s achievements and activities in supporting and promoting the work of the School and the Foundation. It features some inspiring stories of pupils whose lives have been transformed by Christ’s Hospital, together with an overview of fundraising activities including the generous support from many Old Blues, Livery Companies and others who present deserving children to the School.  It also provides a snapshot from Christ’s Hospital’s Report and Financial Statements of the shape of organisation’s finances.

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