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24 June 2022

New Chief Operating Officer

Head Teacher Simon Reid has announced the appointment of a new Chief Operating Officer at Christ's Hospital.
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23 June 2022

Student Voice Awards

We are delighted that three of our School Council Leaders have won Student Voice Awards.
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14 June 2022

Senior Cadet Instructor Course

Three CCF cadets attended and passed the Senior Cadet Instructor Course during half term, and one of them was named ‘top student’.
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9 June 2022

Geography Field Trip

For National Fieldwork Week, UF (Year 10) geography pupils conducted two days of fieldwork.
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8 June 2022

Ethics Cup Final

Having triumphed in the South East Regional, the Ethics Cup team travelled to St Andrews for the National Finals at half term.
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8 June 2022

Classics Trip

Read about the recent UF (Year 10) classics trip to London!
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7 June 2022

Chemistry Scholar

Congratulations to David (DG/Year 12) who has been chosen to be the new Salters’ Chemistry Scholar.
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6 June 2022

Speech Day 2022

One of the School’s most important summer term events, Speech Day, was held on Saturday, 28 May.
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